Ahoy thar, Legion! PC Tenno! The Fissure Mission changes went live Tuesday, and while I’d like to comment on them they kinda reworked all the guides I made the last two weeks so I’m gonna go ahead and wait till Monday for that one. Give them some time to raise the minimum threshold of Traces, too. Console Squad! With that update comes the cutoff for content that is gonna be shipped out to ya! That means from now on the crew will be tweaking what currently exists and is aiming to get everything post Lunaro to now in your hands as soon as possible. As for today, let’s get our Turtle Power on, shall we? The Okina dual daggers! Well, dual daggers in name, anyway. You’ll need to research these in the Clan Dojo… or borrow that intel off a friends. Crafting materials are a little high, two tellurium and almost 2,000 oxium, namely. And they also come with a brand new stance that is thankfull rather easy to farm. Get ye to an infestation and kill some leapers. Those guys are all over the place, think I got like six of the stance already. With all that combined the Okina is a cool but rude pair of weapons that boast a quick attack speed, rather decent mobility and style.

Unfortunately the crit chance is about as low as it gets sitting at 5%. If you want you can try propping that up with Maiming Strike and Blood Rush, but you’ll have to invest at least a reactor and likely some forma to make that worth the slot space. But if you do, by all means throw a Berserk on there for giggles. Berserk goes great with anything. Not as good as anchovies, of course, but not bad either. But what’s the verdict? Are the Okina steady as a Rock, Shredder the enemies to pieces, or do they just barely do more than act like a Splinter in their side? I don’t think I’m bein’ generous callin’ this one: a Keeper. If you Krang look at them in a case by Casey Jones basis, I think the stance is the real star of the show. In fact I’m almost guaranteed to put this one on my set of Fang now and then, though Gnashing is quite beastly on it’s own. But back on topic, FashionFrame mains alone will appreciate the style and fans of a certain crimson bandana’d turtle will have to add these to their collection.

All in all, ya don’t gotta be a party dude to enjoy these weapons and it gets my green thumbs up! Thank-ya for watchin, Legion! If this review helped ya out or put a smile on your face, we’d be honored if you’d like favorite and share this video with your fellow Tenno. We always appreciates it when ya does! Enjoy your weekend, have fun, and catch ya next time, Legion! Take care!.

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