Ahoy thar, Legion! Fresh on the heels of the last tactical alert just seven short months ago comes the most recent member of the club: The Long Shadow. PC Tenno you have but a handful of hours remaining to complete this event, so ya might wanna crack at those rewards if yer able. Console Squad this will of course be headed your way in the coming weeks, so here’s a short n sweet guide to save ya some time! This tactical alert involves four different missions, an interception, a defense, and two survivals. Each of these are filled to the brim with Nightwatch Grineer, a personal favorite of many for their advanced weaponry, tactics, and challenge! Of the many new units you don’t regularly see, there are but two that stand out as threats: Bailiffs and Reapers. While even my modest loadout was making quick work of the bulk of targets, these two are either tanky, or in Reaper´┐Żs case, tanky in the air.

With a tonkor. So have fun with that. DIE! DIE!! DIE!!! The hardest part of these missions is right at the starting gate, and if my pugs are any indication, it might take a few attempts to surmount it as they can dominate the points very quickly. So ya might want to stand and defend instead of loot hopping as these usually go. Also Manics just love hacking the terminal while cloaked AND immune, so have fun with that as well. The rest of the missions are self explanatory: defend the thing, stay outta the stuff, and kill the things dead. Simple is sometimes best. Onto the rewards! For completing all of these missions you’ll earn yourself some endo and credits, an Exilus adapter, an orokin catalyst and reactor, and finally a stratos emblem! Which, if you’ve collected em all at this point, should look something like this. Now, not to complain, but back in my day I coulda sworn we’d usually get a weapon blueprint or skin or something for– Oh.

Right. Quick note, we DID have some confirmed reports of the rare Rift Sigil’s return! So if you missed out on that in the past and want your own sith lightning tattoo you’ll wanna run the fourth and final mission a few times, but just don’t expect it to drop right away is all I’m sayin’. Good luck on the rewards if ya haven’t run it already, but to those who have, what did you think of the Long Shadow? Thumbs up or thumbs down? Leave a comment below and lets us know! I’m happy they are finally givin’ reasons for people to load up the game, so I can’t complain there. Now if we could get a countdown to start on the hype site this Wednesday, some news with likely a sneak-peek of a cutscene and cliffhanger on Friday’s Devstream, THEN we can get the ball rollin’ onto something good.

Till then, thank-ya for watching and catch you next time, Legion! Take care! DIE! DIE! DIE!.

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