It’s Harrow. Unless you somehow couldn’t tell by the thumbnail, the best designed Warframe in the game hands down has to be Harrow. When I say “best designed”, I don’t mean “best design for starters” or “best design for making the game retardedly easy”, I mean best designed overall as a Warframe, with theme and kit in mind. Now why do I say that Harrow is the best designed Warframe? Simple. If you have no clue what this clusterfuck of a picture is showing, I’ll break it down. Harrow’s passive is great because of what it provides and because it encourages the usage of Harrow’s first ability.

Harrow’s first ability both serves as sustain and crowd control, due to immobilizing enemies and giving Harrow shields per enemy hit. The gain in shields makes Penance grant a stronger buff upon sacrificing shields, which in turn increases the rate at which Harrow can gain energy from killing with Thurible due to an increase in rate of fire and reload speed. The increase in energy gain allows for Thurible to be channeled further, making energy payouts from killing even bigger, all the while encouraging Harrow to go for headshots for maximum energy gain. Going for headshots in turn makes Covenant’s crit-increasing buff even more potent, which basically makes Harrow an unholy killing machine. The god-mode period granted by Covenant gives Harrow a respite in which he can use his first ability to build his shields back up, which makes use of his passive, bringing us full circle. To summarize that even further, Harrow’s kit is entirely intertwined to work together, and when his abilities are used in tandem, his worth and power increases. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t other Warframes that also have brilliant kit design.

Mesa is a fine example of that, but her Ballistic Battery’s lackluster damage bonus is what keeps her from even approaching Harrow’s god-tier kit. Unlike Mesa, Harrow is also capable of playing as any role. Healer? Build around Penance. Support? Build around Thurible. God? Build around Covenant. However the fuck you decide to build Harrow, anything can potentially work, because his abilities are varied, yet powerful. Regardless, until DE introduces a new frame that is the exemplar of ability design, Harrow will remain the best Warframe in the game that doesn’t make the game as hard as blinking. Thank you for watching..

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