Welcome to the Super. Grindfest Highlight Today we will look at the Jaw Sword No, no please stay it’s a good weapon and I am not saying that just because I got a riven for it and want to sell it for a higher price than it would normally go for really, I don’t but if you’re interested let me know The Jaw Sword is better than a lot of other melee weapons. Like um The Heat Dagger. Wait, it isn’t? This weapon is probably not a player favourite but it’s popularity is on the rise. Two days ago, a video featuring it was upvoted quite a bit on the Warframe subreddit okay that video was also made by me but listen if you type “Warframe Jaw Sword” on YouTube the second result is a video named WF: Top 10 Melee Weapons Pretty good huh? Now, alright, Jaw Sword is not in the top ten, the worthy mentions list or in fact anywhere in the video, the description or the tags but I sincerely believe YouTube gives you this search result for a reason. After all, YouTube knows what’s best and never does anything wrong.

Yeah uh I should probably stop before the price drops even lower. So a thousand platinum, what do you say? No? 985? I can go as low as 980 but no less. It’s a limited time offer. It’s up only until someone buys it. And that will be really soon. Think about it. Please..

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