Good day to you, noblest of Legion! Welcome to the inaugural episode of Today I Forma’d Out! Today we are looking at the Qurious Qase of the Quartakk. Just uttering it’s name aloud surely tells you it is etymologically indigenous to the Grineer line of weaponry, as those Cloned Compatriots just love the letter K. Drahk. Hyekka. Kraken. Karak. At this point in time I would not be surprised if the hard K sound is profanity in their language. To me they always did seem a bit… …vulkar. Now, you might be thinking, “The naming conventions of the Grineer alone is not very curious”. Well here IS something for you to ponder! What makes a weapon, a weapon? How is one defined? We all have a knack for the ballistic basics: keep the bright end in the enemy’s face and out of your own, of course, but how do you classify one type from another? A sidearm compared to a thrown weapon is pittance to discern, but technically speaking, how is a rifle different from a shotgun? One is long-range specialized, the other close-quarters and buckshot…

Or perhaps designed for those who are crosshair challenged, you could say. But what happens when a rifle and a shotgun’s lines begin to blur? Where shall we draw that line? The Quartakk, keeping with Grineer gun fashion, is both visually and mechanically an oddity. Four cattle prod like tips on the front, swooping bulbus nodes just behind them are more reminiscent of infested or alien tech. In fact, if it wasn’t for the conspicuously placed Grineer logo on the side and accompanying trim, you might not think it to BE a Grineer tech weapon at all… One could even say this might be… …suspicious. But that’s for another episode! It has wonderful amounts of both critical and status chance, making either builds viable if that is your choosing. It has a nearly even damage type split amongst the I P S spectrum, with puncture offering the least in that regard.

The default reloading time isn’t particularly painful, though the firing speed MAY be for some, and it even has a whopping 84 bullets per magazine! But… while it is fired only once per semi-automatic means, each volley removes four rounds from said total… bringing us back to the question of how do you classify a Space Arm? We have a gun that fires four rounds with each pull of the trigger. Sounds like a shotgun. It doesn’t fire buckshot, and albeit four simultaneously, it releases one round at a time. Sounds like a Rifle. So which is it? Technically speaking, and Lotus help you with bylaws and jurisdictions, but a rifle is only thus due to the actual “rifling” or corkscrewed grooves bored unto it’s barrel. A shotgun does not, and thus has a ‘smooth bore’ variety.

No rifling, no rifle. So which does that Quartakk have? While it might be these old optics tricking my perceptions, I believe I can see the faintest of twists, making this a rifled barrel. So while cumbersome and woefully unorthodox, this is indeed a Rifle! DE themselves declared it a Rifle of their own volition, which does add a bit more officiality to that theorem. And of course, as a Rifle as such, it is RIFE with all the tasty mods associated with that classification! Be that as it may, neither Rifle nor Shotgun might actually apply here, due to the many, microscopic, Loki-sized barrels. Any rifle or shotgun below 18 and 16 inches, respectfully, is actually neither in the eyes of the Lotus. It would be more akin to a sawn-off shotgun as the spray would be far more random and destructive, but again individual jurisdictions might affect the official classifications slightly. How this weapon manages to suppress the excess reverberations of four barrels blasting at once and still succeeding to remain as highly accurate at range as it is with such miniscule barrels is surely some Void Magic.

The Quartakk boasts high build flexibility, astounding accuracy, decent and evenly split damage sure to endure the coming Damage Formule changes on the horizon. But the diverse builds themselves require a great deal of mod slots, ironically limiting in it’s own way, and while it was just granted innate piercing and the slow fire rate will be a point of contention to most and a fatal flaw to some. That said, while there are much better options out there, I find the Quartakk: adequate. I’ve used much worse, but there is plenty of room for a powerful weapon in there. You might have to work at it, of course, and you could obviously prefer a weapon that doesn’t require the excess effort, but while a bit clunky, this weapon is up to the task. I’d say be sure to claim yours today from a Ghoul or Ghoul-related bounty mission reward, but the invasion just ended so… stay tuned for future invasions to get your hands on it while that event lasts! You can also acquire the Stubb secondary by the same means, but that’s for another episode.

Until next we meet, keep your barrels bored and your Ghouls gored! This is Today I Forma’d Out, signing off!.

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