Whats up my ninja Bitches , its been awhile since i’ve made a warframe video guides and I’m here today with an oxium farming guide so a little disclaimer before we begin with the video the gear im using is not necessary to be able to do this. so lets get this shit rolling, I have Despoil necromancer Build with Maximum range so that way it helps desecrate the dead enemies so specifically the Osprey so that I have a chance to get more of those bullshit oxium and I have the sancti Tigris equipped because i need to kill those faggot Oxium Osprey at once which is really very important before they go kamikaze on your ass and they wont drop those oxiums babies of theirs so do take note of that and the reason i picked Sancti Tigris if because of the sundicate effect it has since im using despoil augment so my health wont keep dropping every now and then as for the secondary and the melee they’re really just for show because why the fuck not for my companion I’m using the carrier Prime or you can use the regular peasant carrier too but I use the carrier Prime because im not a bitch so my favorite place to run for this is actually on Galatea at Neptune, so Galatea is a Capture mission which is probably the easiest mode there is unless you’re autistic then im sorry So anyways, Once you captured your target.

Do not go straight to extraction but just hang around and farm since the enemies are in alert state and Oxium Ospreys will start spawning. this is my favorite place to run and my most successful place especially if you’re building Oxium Prime oops i meant, Vauban Prime since that whore need 7000 oxiums usually average about 700 oxy when I do stay 15 to 20 minute on here as you can soon. so for the sake of your time I am going to speed up the video just so you can see that this run is actually valid and truly works and I will also show the end results at the end of the video so lets’ get started I got one I got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight Oxy’s in my bank account and so this is the end of the mission, and as you can see here I get 284 oxium less than 10 minutes and i’ll show a screenshot of me getting 700 plus on a 20 minutes run. and that is the end of the video if you find this guide helpful, please leave a like and subscribe if you want more contents like this and if there’s anything that you would like to see or ask me do please comment down below.

thanks for watching and sayonara bitches.

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