Ahoy thar, Legion! With the Trinity Prime access ending and Saryn’s set to start up next week, you’ll be able farm either of them as much as you’d like. On the other hand, if you wanted to snag Rhino Prime your opportunity is runnin’ out! He’ll be put out to Pasture prime on the 16th, along with the Boltor and Ankyro Prime, but at least he’ll have Ember and Mag to keep him company. If any of yall noticed something different with my Rhino… what this old thing? No nothing’s new, he’s just been workin’ out! Building up his confidence! Naw, this Palatine Deluxe skin was actually gifted to us by long time viewer and loyal legionnaire Excal! First I’d like to thank him for his crazy generosity on this awesome skin, and secondly I’d like to say DUDE ya spent like waaay too much platinum on us! 165 Plat? You know how much alloy plate that could have been? That’s like 1,500 Polymer Bundles right there! Let it be known, if I ever got plat I’d go out of my way to waste it in the worst possible ways.

For example, I’d buy a ton of orokin cells. Wouldn’t even use em. I’d just have Lotus feed them to me one at a time like grapes while I sit on a throne of fully built forma and dragon mod packs. But twisted fantasies and roleplays aside, what about the other end of the spectrum? That’s exactly what T:Bone and Dalton requested as they wanted to know what options die-hard free to players have access to in terms of customization. Platinum can be tight for Tenno and it is much better spent on weapon and warframe slots over things that make ya look shiny when first starting out. But if you still wanna set yourself apart with some personal flair, you can get awful far without spendin’ a dime, and we got just the thing for ya! There are quite a few different categories you can choose from while finding your own style, from armor to synandanas and even some weapon skins, but as we are FashionFrame-ing on the cheap, almost all of it comes down to patience and timing.

For example, let’s start out with one of the most versatile and visible options: Color Palettes! While you start out with only one row stright down the middle, you can get quite a decent selection if you play the game long enough. Holidays n’ special events are your primary targets for these, with Easter pastels, Red White and Blue’s obvious colors, Halloweens pumpkin tones, Shamrocks Saint Patrick’s day’s hues, and Valentine’s regal reds which should be available by the time this goes live, so keep an eye out for that one! Previously you could purchase these for one credit off the Market, but last year they started gifting them out to anyone who logged in during the event. Which is cool, because I’ve actually missed out on the Classic Saturated palette for not knowing it was a limited time dealy for credits.

Sad face. The next most visible options you can tinker with would be Alternate Helmets! Nearly every frame has a selection of two or more alternative helmets to choose from. You can collect these randomly from Alert mission rewards, but I did read one report that building the same warframe more than once unlocks an alternate helmet when you claim it. I have not tested this myself, but if you have the spare slot and materials and reaaaaly want to get a spare for one of your frames, this might be a method you can try. If they haven’t patched it out in the mean time, that is. Alerts not only can grant spare helmets, but also some older weapon skins! Depending on the skin, it not only changes the look of the weapon, but can impact their stats as well! For example the Brokk skin for the Fragor makes it swing faster at the cost of channelling efficiency.

Or the Manticore skin for the Scindo that slows it’s attacks, but makes it hit harder. Heck, even the recent Shadow Debt had a lacera weapon skin upon completion! You might even get lucky and find giveaways or contests for some, but those are fairly rare like this orange Braton doohicky. Sigils! Space Tats for chests and aaa–adventurous Tenno with the need to set themselves apart! You got a buncha Syndicate options, but they also grant reputation in the process so ya might make a few enemeies along the way and even get a visit from their death squads. Speakin’ of death squads, Stalker, G3, and Zanuka Harvester all have a chance to drop a sigil! Bosses can drop one, Cephalon Simaris has one, even the odd tactical alert escalation can sometimes have them on their drop tables like this here Rift sigil. Emblems are similar to sigils, but go on either shoulder. Events love to give out these doo-dads. You can only get them once per event, so if you’ve missed it, you’ve missed it. The current king of E-peen is the Stratos Emblem that keeps tabs on how many Tactical Alerts you’ve completed, but the most snazzy’s gotta be the Quantum Badge which was awarded during Update 12.4’s Tethra’s Doom event.

If you’ve seen folks floatin’ around with a different type of ship during loading screens, we’ve got good news and bad news. Good news is, you can get both of them for free. Bad news is, you’ll have to live in raids or be unfathomably lucky. The Mantis is the pointy one and requires raiding and ridiculously rare container farming, while the sting-ray like Scimitar is a little less painful as it can drop off G3, Stalker, and Harvester. The look also changes what the air support they provide is… but we don’t care how it works, we care how it LOOKS! If you are a big fan of the bow, of all things, arrows can be customized as well. Last Valentines they sold heart arrows for 5,000 credits, but that was only good for one run as they were consumable like energy restores. You can BUY skins that are permanent… but that sorta takes the point outta this guide. There is one Primsa arrow variety, but that means we’ve finally arrived at the Czar of Sorry Selection, the Sultan of Salt, the Baron of Tears… the one, the only the Void Trader: Baro’ Ki’ Teer! This guy’s got it all, but he only deals in dukats and credits.

I’ll put a dukat farming guide up in the description for ya, but in terms of customization he can sell: The aforementioned Prisma Arrows, A liset skin, a kubrow skin, the exilus redeemer skin, a quanta skin, the primsa skana, primsa grakata, prisma dual cleavers, prisma tetra, prisma gorgon, mara detron, prisma shade and accessories, the prisma daedalus, prisma edo, and prime eos cosmetic armor sets, the prisma hecate and prisma yamako syandanas, a wiggly fire melee weapon attachement, and a noggle for your liset. Of himself. Cheeky bast– Hopefully this list will help you express yourself when slaughtering the various opposion factions that stand in your way! Speakin’ of factions, you can also get a syandana from Syndicates as well, assuming you are at max rank and have 100k rep to spare.

And finally, earning it’s spot in the end credits due to lack of popularity, you can get a bunch of sigils and even some weapon skins out of pvp in Conclave. If you can handle the firmly stacked decks against you when first starting out, you could potentially leave with skins for the daikyu, furax, kronen, lato, lex, strun, and sybaris. I dunno if it’ll be worth the black-out frustration and blood pressure medication, but when the hospital bill arrives tell them you can’t put a price tag on fashion! But you can put a price on health care, so hopefully your legs are working because you should probably run at that point. I’ll have Lotus throw some orokin cells to provide some cover fire, go! Go! Thank-you for watching, and catch you next time, Legion! Take care!.

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