Ahoy thar legion! Hope Cyber Monday is treatin ya well. Update brought with it changes to Kuva farming. There were some immediate red flags considering we are limited to six at a time and each have an undisclosed cooldown timer associated with it. Is that ten minutes or ten hours? If we can only do six runs PER DAY that would be a massive nerf, and since Riven mods are oh-so abundant and Sortie rewards got some stupid additions within this very patch, one could say I was expecting the worst. Time to put on our testing hats and get to work, Legion! Fortunately DE has an abundance of these lyin around.

[Off camera] Weird, this one looks like it’s never been worn. The goal was to complete all the missions as quickly as possible to see how long of a wait there is on that cooldown they mentioned. Considering I live the Pug Life ya know it wasn’t exactly a smooth and enjoyable experience– But at least at the time of posting this, I have to say the changes they made are, oddly enough: straight buffs to the players. No mention-worthy downsides, no hidden gotchas, no random stupid changes that severely undercut the intended buffs themselves. Just good ol fashioned changes to a game with no apparent strings attached. Color me surprised. …And waiting for the hotfix to take it all away after they fire the guy who snuck this in. The previous method, give or take, would generate about five siphons per hour depending on luck, mission type, and completion speed.

Based on my findings, even though these runs take longer than the original Capture mission spam we were doing a week ago, the trade off is these are guaranteed Kuva per run. End result, with a little bit of luck, I was able to complete those six immediately after the daily reset and just about an hour after starting the trek I was greeted by the sight of six more kuva missions to choose from. Summary While these runs take longer to complete, by the time you get them out of the way you’ll have another set left to choose from. Also had a ton of bugs and glitches that slowed down the process, and I could live without seeing Eris for a long-long time, But good luck to ya and your Kuva Farming needs, Legion! If this guide helped ya out or put a smile on your face, We’d be honored if you’d like favorite and share it with your fellow Tenno. We always appreciates it when ya does! As always, thank-you for watchin’ and catch you next time, Legion! Take care!

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