Ahoy thar, Legion! Tis the Monday after a devstream, so you know we gotta recap n review for ya! In this case it was a special episode due to being held at PAX! Which I know stands for Pretty Awesome Xtravaganza, but I always flash back to Firefly when I hear it. Still miss that show. Season 2 is when it really started gettin’ good, too! Now just to let ya know up front, thar be some technical difficulties in this devstream as the convention as a whole lost internet a during the presentation. Several times. Also, when the cameras WERE rolling, they had a really weird delivery of new information. Right from the start they’d explain how something would work, but then pull back and claim they didn’t wanna spoil anything. So ya got a half an hour of some really timid sorta informative mini-details followed by twenty minutes of QnA from the audience which of course is completely random and then the stream died and they had to reupload the Twin Queen cinematic teaser.

Which wasn’t bad, but I dunno. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but It seemed more like the Crones from Witcher 3 mixed with the Mechromancer from Borderlands 2 and Lulu from League of Legends. Speaking of Lulu, fans of Blitzball will like to know that Conclave is getting another option in case you don’t like shooting your fellow tenno. While I’m not opposed to that directly, the snails pace they have since enforced upon it, I certainly am. So I’m glad to say this new variation is going to emphasize mobility over everything else as it’s going to be similar to Rocket League. So you can look forward to stuff like this in the future: The only catch there is they are bringing the Operators up to the forefront including new voice acting, soooo lemme just go ahead and… there we go. The new warframe was revealed! She’s gonna be a fairy frame adorned with butterflies. Made out of razors. From what they described, she’ll be able to utilize those butterflies, fling fairy dust, her passive does quote “a gravity well that gives boosts to other players” end quote, and she can even shrink down in size and apparently fly around like ArchWing during normal on-foot missions.

You can expect to see a lot more of her come update 19. The next tactical alert event was dubbed: Wrathuum, or Grineer Arenas and dueling stuff. This will also feature the start of Syndicate quests where the Steel Meridian is trying to rescue some Grineer deserters and we help them out by taking their place. As we climb the ranks… something happens that they deemed was spoilers, but they did say other Syndicates that you are most affiliated with might send you messages suggesting you leave the deserters up to them instead to get more information out of them. Jokes on you New Loka, I AM Steel Meridian! Another kinda sorta mentioned maybe thing was the upcoming Exosuit Sentient enemy, who apparently is going to be so difficult it’s gonna straight up require something from the focus trees to take it down. Something we don’t actually have in those trees yet, which of course ties into the focus reworks… but they didn’t give any information on that. Curiously enough, the arm of these Exosuits apparently can be equipped by us which will be fired like a super weapon and very limited in shots. It seems to be up for debate if these new arms will be permanent or not should we decide to equip them.

Vauban’s about to get a shiny new coat as his Prime variant twas revealed along with the Fragor and Akstiletto primes. As far as reworks go, they like where he is, so it might get a very light touch up before his release come late spring. That was the extent of information they gave directly, the rest was all questions and answers, and feel free to take a shot whenever you here Soon: Will Oberon get any tweaks, maybe damage wise? Sure, why not? Chroma’s color passive can be kinda– –as the Ice color palette all deal electric. Can they take a look at them? Maybe. Can the Mini Map get some love? Actually, this is aiming to land in Update 19.

So… really Soon! Will it be possible to Uncosign the kubrow? Sorry lad, ye cannot unblend the blended. Someone finally asked in person, can Rhino punch stuff without a weapon model like he did in that early cinematic? And you KNOW they can do this already because back in October: Not like I’ve been wanting that for awhile or anything. They said they’d look into it. On that topic: New Tonfa stance? PC to Console transfers haven’t been done in a few years and they even mentioned wanting to do another round back in December, so I was happy to hear someone ask about it so we can get a solid answer out of…

Oh, no wait. The guy asked when they can transfer from Console to PC which legally can never happen. And DE didn’t follow up or mention when that delayed transfer will actually arrive >.< Sorry, Patel. We did get confirmation that the alert-like random missions coming in StarChart will allow us to choose the difficulty and the rewards will increase with it, in some way, which is nice to hear. TennoGen is still in the works for console but there are a lot of legal hurdles to jump through. Some tilesets are getting reworked and expanded, which and when, of course, we don’t know. Twas quite an interesting Devstream, I’ll actually put a link in the description for the Twin Queen cinematic for ya to take a gander at. Might just get a kick out of it. If you enjoy THIS video, we’d be honored if you’d like, favorite, and share it with your fellow tenno! We always appreciates it when ya does! We got our monthly Channel update goin’ up Wednesday and something Warframey for Friday. Might be a how-to Rhino guide, might be something else.

Still decidin’! But until then, thank-you for watchin’ and catch you next time, Legion! Take care!.

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