Ahoy thar, Legion! Hope you’re havin’ a great day killing you some Corpus! Now I just wanted to throw this quick guide up for you or any of your friends and clan mates playing the game that don’t quite get the intricacies of Survival missions. Granted they aren’t very deep, but I think we’ve all *seen things* and this could be a nice guide to get em up to speed in a jiffy! First off, let me dispel the somewhat common notion that splitting up increases experience overall. This is actually false. Now no one blames anyone for these ideas being formulated, in fact, it quite possibly roots back to a bug. Ya see, enemy spawns would look weird popping into existence while you look at them, as the crows from that Resident Evil soldier spin off have been noted to do so succinctly by Angry Joe. Four hours?! So they chose to wisely hide this mechanic by making them appear a room away and then running towards you from it. Some tilesets have more connection options than others, and in some cases spawns will bug out and appear TWO rooms away and thus take a long time to get to you.

Then you have to run off and kill things to get anywhere, and this is where I think most of the split up idea came from. Unfortunately splitting up sets a nasty snowball a-rollin’. See this little doo-hickey here? This tracks how many players are close enough to you to share experience. If you are in a full group this will say 3, any less means someone is out of formation and Beyonce is gonna go full Tailor Swift on ya. So I wouldn’t recommend it. The lower this number, the lower the amount of affinity you are gainin’, so stay close to the group as often as possible to maximize your leveling experience! If you go full Hallway Hero, believe me, everyone else notices. You split up the spawn rate, you lower the experience, you are more likely to die, and none of that benefits the group as a whole.

Your damage and kill count might be high, but we weren’t aiming to top those in the first place. If you end up seeking personal glory, not only will it take you longer to level up, but if ya ever get downed, don’t expect to be revived is all I’m sayin’. Occasionally after a long match someone might have to run off and snag life support on their own and come back, that’s fine. That’s following the objective and is actually teamwork as everyone would die without it, but that’s the key thing to remember: Warframe is a team-based game and DE likes to reinforce that.

In this case we have mechanics that benefit everyone in several ways by staying close together and backing each other up. So if you see anyone in game constantly going off on their own to the detriment of the group, kindly inform them of the benefits they are missing out on. Or send em a link to this guide and hope they put two and two together. As always, thank-you for watching, have fun, and catch you next time, Legion! Take care!.

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