-GB so this is Chroma, a cool little Dragon based frame rawr Now, the way you change Chroma’s energy colour will determine his element given to his 1,2 and 4 these elements are, “hot colours” = fire Burn Baby Burn oops, thats my Effigy Build Cold colours e.g white = Ice LET IT GOOOO blue colours = electricity I HAVE THE POWER OF THUNDER!!!!!! sizzle sizzle Greens = poison SPREAD THE SICKNESS ~DkDiamantes 2016 elemental ward creates an aera of effect (AoE) around you and your allies, giving them certain buffs depending on your energy colour Vex Armour is weird, damage to your shields = armour boost, health damage = damage buff named “Fury” and “Scorn” *gets a message from Matodox in a bit dude now Effigy as you can see Chroma’s pelt splits off into a badass dragon puppet thingy, breathing the element type have as your energy colour, roaring to stun enemies and um teaching them flying lessions that is all for the talking enjoy the rest of the video

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