“My search began as the essential question: ‘What am I?’ ” Ahoy thar, Legion! Today we are gonna do a real quick look at Cephalon Fragments! These were added in the Specter of the Rails update and we’ve even had a few requests on goin’ in depth on ’em! Giggity ^_^ Fortunately for us, the Cephalon in question is Ordis! So there’s not a lotta depth there in the first place. The fragments are scattered about the level in quite a random, if not deviously placed fashion. Sometimes you will stumble across them while focused on another task, other times you’ll have to hunt them down directly because a cheeky developer puts it waaay back in a vent you can’t even access.

Plus one to whoever put that one there, DE. That’s some top-level sass right there. In Ordis to find these things on purpose, you’ll need a scanner to scan em, but while not mandatory, you’ll probably want to run with loot detector, thief’s wit or animal instinct, preferably on Ivara. Ivara has the effect built in as a passive, and all of those mods boost the range you can see the blue squares on the mini-map and thus making the Easter Egg hunting process much easier. You don’t need all of them equipped at once as the effects stack. So for good range on the minimap I opted to roll Ivara with Animal Instinct on my pet.

Though getting Ivara herself can be a bit of a challenge, so you might wanna roll with the other mods or just happen to take a gander at this guide here on how to get Ivara yourself -_^ Once you’ve collected enough to fulfill the required amount, you can swing back to your liset, open the Codex and read more about it. You can complete these in any Ordis but I’d recommend only actually looking at them in order. I didn’t know there are specific lore entries so I ended up getting a pre-tty massive spoiler right off the bat.

But we’re talkin’ bout Ordis here so ya probably have him muted already XD Now the final thing DE hid in this activity is an echolocation mini-game of sorts. As you wave your cursor around the picture you’ll hear a set of noises. These get louder the closer you get to their source. It can take awhile to hit the sweet spot, my first one did, and by golly did the reveal sound effect jar the heck outta me. Seriously, tell me you expected to hear this. *Ba-ahmn!* I was not prepared for that level of intensity. Triggering that wall of sound will unlock a hidden memory from Ordis and we’ll get to hear where the space rabbit hole goes. Based on that one spoiler I mentioned, stuff gets real! So if you were Cepha-longing to sink your virtual teeth into some exploration and collection action, keep an eye on that mini-map or your scanner of choice and get hunting! There should almost always be one per level and there’s a ton of these to scan down, so you’ll have plenty of locations to choose from, but again, be sure to read them in Ordis so the story doesn’t get all jumbled up.

Darvo is gonna get hunted down by Corpus this weekend and if you want some free goodies like catalysts, put some time aside the coming days and help the guy out. As if I needed any additional reasons to kill me some Corpus! If this guide helped you out or put a smile on your face, be sure to like, favorite, and share it with your fellow Tenno! It helps us grow and we always appreciates it when ya does! Thank-you for watching, have fun, and I’ll catch you next time, Legion! Take care!.

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