Ahoy thar, Legion! Hope all yall had a great weekend. Console Squad ya got just over a day left on the Divine Will event, if you lost track of time and could use a boost we got a guide up for ya to get ya back on top of things. PC Tenno! Operation Rathuum has just about concluded and hopefully you’ll have collected a few or all of the new mods the reworked Kela De Thaym has dropped. Such a pretty thing she is, too. I just wanted to do a quick reminder that, if things continue as planned, my go to credit farm is getting obliterated come Update 19, and since I haven’t made a credit guide in…

_awhile_, I thought I should throw a timely heads up in case yall wanted to farm up a stockpile of credits if the replacement isn’t nearly as generous. Dark Sectors have changed a bit over the years, but for just over a full one they have been, in my opinion, the best spot for credits and easy in and out weapon leveling. With the addition of Lunaro and a somewhat vague ‘community goal’ that will allow pvp fans to continue killing each other as well as pve fans to contribute in their own way, Dark Sectors are changing to Dark Sector and with it quite possibly all the locations we might have grown to love. Some people prefer Ceres, but my target of choice? Pluto by a mile! I don’t care what those mean scientists say, bud.

You’ll always be a planet to me! Sechura has always been dependable, populated at nearly any hour, and the pod is fairly well defined. In just over five minutes you’ll walk away with over 20,000 credits without any boosters activated. Doesn’t hurt on Affinity gains, either. Hieracon is a new contender having been swapped to Excavation and potentially is even better. But my Pug-life brethren, you’ll have to queue up Solo for that as this place tends to get run with a silent creed of “2000 cryotic or die tryin'” and that’ll inflate your run times quite a bit.

Great for cores and keys galore-s, but not specifically credits. But if you go in solo, defend a single extractor and hit the exit for what is in my eyes the fastest turn-around on credits per minute you can find. There are other methods of course, running void is usually the most popular I’ve read, or trials for their massive pay outs, but when factoring in time efficiency across the other options, I always end up with quick Dark Sector runs coming out in the lead. And since this are likely getting tore up with the upcoming void explosion, thought ya might want to bump up your credit coffers to soften the blow. But what about you, Legion! Do you have any preferred credit farm locations most folks don’t tend to know about? Or maybe something that just works well for ya? Leave it in a comment below and we might find some hidden nuggets out there! As always, thank-you for watching, and catch you next time, Legion.

Take care!.

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