Hello and thank you for joining me today friends Today we’re going to learn about the best Nezha, the only Nezha you’ll ever need. You’ll need to get Mirage’s Noble idle animations to complete this look, but as you can see it’s totally worth it. P.S. Princesses look prettiest in pink and blue. The build revolves around Warding Halo, which you should all be familiar with…

You’ll want more speed if you’re like me, but it’s not necessary since Nezha is already super fast. Most important is maxing out your armor and ability strength, since these multiply the effectiveness of Warding Halo. A good Princess protects her people, so if you can get a hold of Safeguard then you’d better use it! Flow, or Streamline, are both useful in making sure you can always defend against the hordes of Mongrels trying to destroy your beautiful shining kingdom, but I prefer Flow for the bigger energy pool. But the most important part of any Princess’ build is her wardrobe, after all you’ll want to look presentable even when slaughtering your enemies… No Princess is complete without a staff like Scourge or Javlok, but for MAXIMUM Fashion Framing you’ll need a fist weapon with Daman Sugatra, because Ribbons on your wrists are the prettiest.

So there you have it, the best Nezha build ever..

As found on Youtube