Ahoy thar, Legion! AS DE attempted to squash me out of existence with a meat meteor last episode, I figure this forbidden fishing guide MUST get out to the masses now more than ever! So let’s get right to it! In order for fishin’ to be as painless and profitable as possible, you’ll need 1,500 Cetus rep to start. You can do a few bounties or incursions or whatever method you like, but once you have that, head back to town and talk to the local fishmonger: Hai Luck! Buy from her the Spear, Pepper Bait, and Luminous Dye blueprints. Escape out and equip the spear right in town, as we’re goin back in to stab us some fish! The time of day and location factor into what fish are up for grabs, though you can tweak with with bait but more on that in a minute.

Open up the gear wheel and equip your newly acquired spear, and with that, now fish will spawn! Odd they only appear AFTER you have the very tool of their destruction in hand, but hey, they’re fish. The size of fish matters in both how much reputation you can get turning them in, as well as how much material you’ll get out of them when you mash em up, but for now just hit whatever moves. Might be hard to see, I recommend bullet jumping and gliding straight down for a glimpse at what’cher targets are. When you do spot em, their distance, water refractions and trajectory need to be kept in mind, but you’ll key into the flow pretty quick.

After you got about ten of the scaled beasties, crack open some Iradite mineral deposits and harvest 20 nistlepods. Then head back to town and have the fishmonger gut your catch of the day! Now you might be wondering how many you should keep, but no! Gut em all! Plenty more where that came from. Now to craft up stuff on your liset! Bait requires 20 meat and nistlepods and the glowing dye is pretty much just iradite, and make as many batches of each as ya like. Particularly the dye as that is always helpful. The main issue with fishing is slow spawn time and difficulty seeing them actually in front of ya.

With bait and the dye inhand, we solve both of those problems in one go! Now, head back to the plains and look for the bubblin’ pools on the water. If you get a few in a cluster, even better. Equip yer spear, select the bait, and chock one towards the center of it. Now use the dye. OOOO! Bioshock Christmas up in here! Now just sit back and rake in the reputation! One last tip: Ivara’s dashwire. I particularly like to triangulate up a fishin’ post like this. Note, while you can literally ice fish in the summer with this method, note there is a very noticeable lag from click to cast, and even the angle it is thrown is really hard to predict. You’ll need to jump on and off the wire to reset it, so it’s equally helpful and annoyin’, but I think the opportunity tips the… scales…

in yer favor -_^ If you have any tips or favorite fishin’ holes of yer own, feel free to leave em in the comments below! That way all you salty fishertenno out there can compare each others notes! As always, thank-you for watching and catch you next time, Legion! Take care!.

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