Ahoy thar, Legion! With Plains of Eidlon rather close and all the New Tenno likely coming’ in shortly I figured they might need some tips to help ’em along the way. So what better time than now for a Flash Guide! Today’s topic is: How to Scan things! The fastest method would be to visit your Arsenal, access your Gear, select an open slot and choose the Codex Scanner. These are basically camera ammo, luckily they are fairly cheap and can be easily restocked this way should you run out.

When in a mission, open up the gear wheel and equip the Scanner. Zoom in like you would with any ranged weapon and you’ll likely see a Christmas Tree of orange lights. I suppose a Halloween Tree would be more accurate. Good book, too! All enemies and even items like windows and plants can be scanned. Just line up your target, fire off the scanner, and keep the target painted a short time. If they move out of the way or you slip, you have to start over. If they turn blue and your scanner counter goes up one, you know you got it. You might want to scan enemies while stealthed or without alerting them for an easier time.

That’s of course easier said than done XD so jump kicking them or locking them down with a crowd control ability can do the trick too! Later on in the game you’ll have access to Simaris Scanners, and while they can work in place of the default Codex Scanners, they are much more expensive and are mostly meant to gain reputation with the Relay Cephalon with no personal boundaries. More on that in the guide poppin’ up now. Scan items and enemies enough and they will permanently change from Orange to Green, letting you know you don’t have to scan them any more. Some even unlock details or lore entries in the Codex, so lore junkies and collectors with be sure to have fun with that challenge.

Kuria exist like easter eggs in certain parts of levels across multiple planets, but to be honest I don’t have the desire or patience to blindly hunt them down XD Data Fragments on the other hand are much more interesting and easier to find which not only reward lore and artwork, but some history of a little blue box ya might have yappin” at ya on your Liset… We got a guide all on how to efficiency hunt those right here. But without further adu, Welcome to Warframe, Tenno! Thank-you for watching, and until next time, take care! [ Music ].

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