Ahoy thar, Legion! Gonna be featuring a slightly under the weather PsyCo today, but good news is: Console Squad should be happy to know that the Chains of Harrow is now LIVE and they can get in on that new supportin’ frame action! I got a goofy walkthrough of the quest lined up for yall to have fun with in a bit, but for today we’re gonna do a quick n’ dirty spoiler free version so anyone who wants to build Harrow the tried n’ true free to play way can inna jiffy! First up: Ya need to have completed both The War Within AND the void survival mission Mot at least once. Good news for Console Squad is this’ll be a popular public mission to run as others dash over to it for quest access, so you should be good as long as you don’t delay on that too long. Lastly you’ll need few of Cephalon Simaris’ Kinetic Siphon Traps equipped to your item wheel. You can probably get by with 10, but I’d bring 20 just in case. All right! All set? Pop open yer Codex and accept it quickly. Or slowly. You’ll get a spoopy boopy background if you wait long enough, as the quest is supposed to be scawy.

It’s not, but it’s supposed to be. You’ll first be investigating a distress call, but after some minor sleuthing it’ll turn into a rescue mission. Defend the target against a very easy zombie rush, if you can even call it that, then hit extraction. Head out to Iron Wake and talk to the chick, but she’s got like zero bars and needs us to boost her network speeds so we do a quick gopher mission on Pluto to get an autistic antenna. Go back to the chick, she slides into his DMs and wants us to break out the kinetic traps because she’s apparently into that sorta stuff.

I mean, to be honest the mask thing she’s got on kinda gave it away so no surprise there. The next phase of the quest involves one simple task: find the cartoonishly designed NPC, drop a trap close enough to ensnare em, and kill it before it gets away. Enemies will try to stop ya, but whatyagonnado? Now ya just gotta do that exact thing over and over again… a _little_ under ten times. Nine, to be exact. Three in the Derelict, three in Uranus because of course it had to be there, and three in Earth. Finally you got one beast of a boss battle, in this case the boss bein’ the controls and mechanics DE has put in place. Needless to say the entire thing can be summarized as this: Fifteen minutes of this. And the worst round of Hearthstone I’ve ever seen. For all your efforts you are rewarded with a solitary blueprint and having to farm up all of Harrow’s parts yourself. Remember when quests used to reward parts like Titania? I memba! You’ll need to harvest Void Fissure corrupted enemies for his chassis, rotation C of the lovely Defection mission type for his systems, and last but not least, rotation C of spy, but not just any spy mission, but a Kuva Fortress spy mission! Good luck and good humor on your grind, Tenno! Aimin’ to release our play-by-play walkthrough gigglefest of the quest shortly, but until then, thank ya for watchin’ and catch ya next time, Legion! Take care!

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