Ahoy thar, Legion! Hope the holiday weekend treated ya well! I’m actually recordin’ this in between batches a-cookies so I hope ya don’t mind if I keep this Nidus farmin’ guide quick n’ concise. In order to craft the infested caster, you’ll need to have completed The War Within questline as well as The Glast Gambit, as one grants you a copy of his blueprint and the other allows ya access to Kuva which ya need to combine em all together But! Ya don’t need to have completed either to farm up the other three parts! Which uh…

Most would say takes the longest. All ya gotta do is head off to Oestrus on Eris and run the newish Infested Salvage mode! The process is pretty simple, kill all the things, loot the blue glowin’ blocks that drop, and use them on the objective markers to make keep the bubbles big. Keepin’ em big makes sure the nearby console stays covered and extractin’ information. There’s three objectives to keep in mind, and the more you have operational the faster the round ticks by so you’ll want all of em runnin’ at max capacity because we got ourselves a Warframe to grind! The parts themselves only have a chance to appear on the fourth round of rewards, So, again, yer gonna need to stay through four rewards before you have a shot at em. but if you can hold out that long and survive till the end, you’re gonna have this to look forward to! Notice I didn’t get a Nidus part.

Odds are ya probably won’t either haha Sorry, laughter helps dull the pain. But! If you do these missions enough, you *will* get em to drop. Eventually. Again the blueprint is still tied to the Glast Gambit quest, which personally I’m waiting for them to fix before I even pick it up, but these snickerdoodles ain’t gonna make themselves so with that I wish ya good luck on your dice rolls, Legion! Headin’ back to the cookie factory formation. Think I’mma decorate one to look like Ordis. Just so I can eat it and taunt the Misses with it between muh teeth! [Ordis] “OPERATOR? AM I DELICOUS?” The only thing sweeter will be the sound of your silence, Ordis. Thank-ya for watchin’ and catch ya next time, Legion! Take care!.

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