Hey kids, do you want to learn how to use the new void and how to unlock the void relic segment. Yes? Well, then sit back keep your mouth shut, and watch this fucking video. Void keys, are gone. They’ve been replaced with the void relics. Just like the keys before, they can be found on missions or bought from syndicates or the marketplace. To open a relic, you must go to the navigation panel click on the relic menu and pick a mission. Then, pick a relic you wish to open. On that mission, you must find a fissure and activate it. Then you must murder all the fuckbois who are there to nail your candy ass collect reactant dropping from them and use it to close the fissure before the timer runs out. Got it? That done, get to the chopper. You can keep your loot, or take a copy of your friend’s. Now, about that void relic segment. It allows you to refine void relics effectively increasing their chance to drop better items. To unlock void relic segment you must complete Mars junction on Earth. Void traces used to refine relics can be found on the enemies around active fissures.

And there you go. Not confusing, at all..

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