Hey, this is Rythim Man and I just want to talk about one of my favorite weapons: the Synoid Simulor. I think it’s a very misunderstood weapon, and I’ll explain why in a few [minutes]. One of the main reasons why it’s misunderstood is people keep trying to use it like a regular gun and it’s not a regular gun. You can’t just point and shoot. If you shoot somebody with it the balls will just bounce off. So don’t do that. You can’t just kill everybody with a vortex. I know a lot of people try stacking the four balls to make a vortex and that doesn’t do a lot of damage you’re just wasting a lot of time that way. You want to actually use it differently. So the way you use it is you find some place to duck under cover or just find some place where enemies aren’t shooting you.

And then you shoot in the general direction of enemies. It doesn’t have to be exact placement, just somewhere not too far from where they are, and then watch all the enemies die. As a matter of fact you don’t even have to watch it because it shoots through walls too — well… it doesn’t shoot THROUGH walls but the damage hurts people through walls. And something else I noticed is even if you’re in the rift this work so if you like limbo like I do and you want to be safe from harm just jump into the rift and just shoot a few singularities. Just realize that it’s not as much damage and really only the gravitational effect does damage, not the actual collision itself. If you want to know how to mod this thing it’s really up to you; I put up a picture of how I modded it if you want to copy me. It does require a few forma to do it this way but it’s really powerful. And even if you don’t think it’s powerful, if you think the damage sucks, or you just don’t like this weapon because – I don’t know – you can’t shoot things in the face with it, you should still get it because…

Imean… just for the swagger points, just for the style points. I mean when you go into the battle field with this thing you get a lot of people looking at you like “what is that he has?” or “I need to get THAT gun”. You know people are jealous. You know. You know….. I know you’re jealous..

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