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Material & Planet Bar Chart

Materials are components orange in color (Resources are blue) that are either dropped by enemies & bosses, found in creates, or inside ammo lockers and are needed for manufacturing items (Blueprints) in your ‘Foundry’. Other than Orokin Cells, every material and resource can only be found within certain planet systems

Material Rarity

There are three rarities of materials: Common, Uncommon and Rare.

  • Common materials can be found in quantities of hundreds at a time.
  • Uncommon materials can be found in quantities normally between 10 to 30 some of the uncommon materials are found in higher quantities between 50 and 100, such as Alloy Plate.
  • Rare materials will normally drop in quantities of 1. They are most often found by defeating bosses, and very rarely from normal enemies or ammo lockers & containers. All rare resources can also be found from assassination targets, such as Councilor Vay Hek and the Jackal. As of Update 9 rare resources can be seen in quantities of 2 and even 3 per drop.
    • Additional “research” resources can be found for use in Clan Research, known as the Detonite Ampule, Fieldron Sample and Mutagen Sample.They are found in quantities of 1.
Nano SporesXXX
Polymer BundleXXX
Alloy PlateXXXXX
Control ModuleXXX
Neural SensorsX
Orokin CellXX
Detonite AmpuleXXXXXX
Fieldron SampleXXXX?
Mutagen SampleXX

?- After patch 9, the fieldron sample was removed from the star map. This needs to be confirmed if it is not dropping.


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