Hi all! Didn’t see a place that seemed appropriate, so if I’m putting this in the wrong place, please tell me how to fix it. 🙂

I’ve seen several people in the last couple weeks who have commented on my Mirage Prime Build, and I just want to give it here.


This build requires only 1 Forma, a Vazarin Polarity. Basically, you just cast your 1st and 3rd abilities when you want/need to. Her 3rd ability is both an offensive ability and a defensive ability. As it is, when you’re in the light, you gain a +428% damage boost, and while you’re in the dark you gain a 95% damage reduction*. Her 1st ability is mostly just for maximum coverage. This build comes in extremely handy when you have a status weapon you want to use but can’t because it doesn’t do enough damage, or because you don’t have a riven for it. For example, this is my Phantasma build that I like to use.


This Phantasma build also only requires 1 Forma, a Madurai. This specific build is intended for use against Grineer, but can be adapted for use against both Corpus and Infested. By itself, I wouldn’t take it to many of the things that I do, but with my Mirage Prime build, it makes a Sortie’s 3rd mission with the augmented enemy armor condition a cakewalk.


*For some reason, when you hit details in the WFB page for the Mirage prime build, it says that you get +160.50% damage resistance while in the shadows, while in-game it has 95% Damage Reduction. I don’t why WFB has what it has, possibly a bug. Just wanted to mention it in case people noticed it. 🙂


That’s about it for the build. Any comments on the build or anything else mentioned here, just leave a comment or PM me here on the forums. Enjoy!


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