I’ve updated my Umbral Khora Whiplash build, thought I’d post the video I made of it here, hopefully some people enjoy! If anyone has questions or comments, feel free to post here, on the video, or pm me 😄

I’ve added the new augment mod (Accumulating Whipclaw) to the build, it was plenty strong before, now the damage is actually nuts.

A couple of things to keep in mind: the accumulating whipclaw mod’s damage caps at 350% and decays after 10 seconds. However, it only decays at 2.5% per second, and this decay can be stalled by hitting enemies. However, the mod appears to be glitched at the time this video was made, as the decay wasn’t always triggering, even after 10 seconds.

Edited Description From Original Video:

Formaing this was an absolute pain, but I’m pretty pleased with the outcome.

If you don’t have arcane energize, you’ll probably want to use Umbral Intensify instead of one of the umbral mods I chose, and run the corresponding tankiness mod in place of blind rage. Even with hunter adrenaline, she burns through energy. Alternatively, you could switch blind rage with transient fortitude (I’ve tried it, and personally prefer the extra damage/duration in place of efficiency).

Khora’s 1, whipclaw, scales with melee rivens, which is why I’m using an Amphis, according to https://semlar.com/rivencalc it has the strongest riven disposition. An ideal melee riven for this would probably be something like melee damage, crit damage, and crit chance, as Khora’s whip has solid crit stats. The crit stats are why I chose to use the sacrificial melee mods for this build.

If you don’t have any good melee rivens for her, then run a Venka Prime, as she’ll benefit from the weapon’s passive (higher combo damage multiplier).

For Venari, remember that Hunter Synergy gives her melee 30% of your primary weapons total crit chance, after mods are applied. If you care about min-maxing for Venari (completely nonessential) run a high crit chance weapon with a crit chance riven (2 positives and a negative will give you the highest values). At a glance, the weapon with the best potential for this seem to be the Synapse or Lenz.

On top of the damage, she’s actually fairly tanky!

I hope someone enjoys this 😄 I’ve had a ton of fun running this build.


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