Ahoy thar, Legion! PC Warframers out there, you have just over 24 hours to complete the Breeding Grounds event and snag all the rewards and high scores you can muster. Console Squad, you probably want to know the in’s and out’s of this event. As always, we gotcha covered! In this case you’ll be covered with stanky infested guts, but covered none the less! The event is actually pretty good. You are tasked with wiping out three various infested Hives the increasingly nutty Alad V is growing in each contaminated ship. The hives are immune to damage unless you destroy five tumors– Iz not a tumah! –protecting it. They can be extremely hard to find and sometimes are even covered with infested muscle, so don’t be afraid to use the codex scanner and xray through your surroundings to find the one or two you might be missing. Once those five tuma– IZ NOT A TUMAH!!! –are gone, the hive is no longer protected and you can take it out. This triggers whatever effect the hive had, and it changes depending on difficulty.

For example it could be lazer beams and turrets get activated, or poison clouds of gas and bubbles that drain all your energy instantly. That’s the event in a nutshell. But of course there’s more to it than that, for example the quirks of the new tileset and how to get you some Prova Vandal. First off, the tileset is fresh and fun to explore. It definitely has a corpus and infested vibe to it, and you might enjoy looking at all the shortcuts or sub-routes you could take to get around the ship. Some things to keep in mind are tunnels often get rather snug with infested intestine-like growths, and the amount of enemies in here means you’ll either have to kill quite a lot in your way, or constantly jump kick them out of it. Also something I found odd was when playing Rhino with Iron Skin activated, every time you fall off a platform, seemingly anywhere in the ship, when you reappear your iron skin gets removed.

Quite annoying. Also if you get swarmed some jumping sections can get frustrating as well as there just isn’t enough room for everything and infested keep blocking your landing, more often than not causing you to slide off and fall. Now you don’t have a bubble o’ protection around ya, and the infested are already chopping off your legs like a Minecrafter needing wood. And of course, those creepy slash majestic open space rooms. Your shields will get sapped constantly, Iron Skin or Blessing be danged, and sometimes there are even hives hidden in these rooms to make it even more of a challenge.

And sometimes a Stalker will show up and say “Hi!” Good stuff! I like the new tileset, might need some optimization as randomly framerates would stall now and then, but over all it’s varied and emphasises teamwork, so I likes it! Now, about that Prova Vandal, let’s get the boring math outta the way. And if you are in school to be, or already are in this number-based profession I don’t think I need to apologize because you guys already know just how boring math is. (I keed, I keed!) Each game you join is averaged, so generally speaking if you are pugging it, you’ll want to go in there with about 400 to 500 points.

Solo Tenno can aim for 450 right on the dot, but I highly recommend doing it in a group. If you get in one that almost gives you enough for the Prova, don’t ditch it as soon as it ends. Resist your coyote ugly instincts and start the countdown as soon as you can to try and get everyone to stay. If they’re smart they will, and that shiny new cattle prod will be yours! Finally, everyone’s fantasy of beating off Corpus with a stick will come true! Wait, that doesn’t sound right. That doesn’t sound right at all! But you know what does sound right? Sharing this video with your fellow Tenno and subscribing to stay up to date! We post three videos a week so there’s bound to be other stuffs of ours you like. In fact if you did like this video, we’d be honored if you hit the thar like button! As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below.

Thank-you for watching, Legion. Take care!.

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