Ahoy thar, Legion! Just a real quick heads up slash PSA about the potential material costs of Titania and in a similar vein Nekros Prime. Let’s take a look at the fairy frame first. And now for Titania! Titania is part ArchWing and because of this can fly with her ultimate. The closest Warframe we have to this currently is Zephyr, who ya might not know is the reason why Oxium exists in the first place. In the lore, Oxium is a lightweight material and is why Zephyr is able to kinda float around like she does.

You need 600 of the stuff to get her off the ground, but keep in mind when she first came out you could only get one per kill, so it took quite awhile. Would they uphold that Time To Farm ratio? Vauban Prime is currently the newest Prime available. When he first came out it cost 18,000 Cryotic. If you think that’s a bit high…

…so did everyone else who actually plays the game XD So after a round of pitchforks and rabble rabble rabbles, their collective ‘suggestions’ helped DE change their minds to cutting that down to, air quotes, only 9,000. HEY VEGETA–! N-no, Nappa. Not right now >.>; I think it goes without saying that Nitain is on almost every darn thing comin’ out lately, so ya KNOW that one’s gonna be in there somewhere. And Inaros required us to pay 200 ducks to Baro to even accept his quest in the first place, so we’ll see if New Loka’s got anything in store for us. But, one final nasty surprise ya might wanna keep in mind is that Titania is part ArchWing… what material costs are oft paired with ArchWing? Tellurium. So add that all up, and again nothing confirmed , but the things you’ll _probably_ wanna bank up on NOW to save you some heartache when they launch in the fairy near future: A ton of Oxium, As much Nitain you can get yer hands on, Possibly Cryotic and Rubedo… and classic Nekros requires a lot of rubedo, And a safe amount of Tellurium If ya have all that already, you should be in a pretty comfy position.

Though if you want both you’ll probably have to double that. If ya don’t have enough of something, time is a-wastein’! So start stockpilin’ now to avoid the rush when the time comes, and dare say, any hasty platinum decisions -_^ If this heads up helped ya out, we’d be honored if you’d like, favorite, and share it with your fellow Tenno so ya can give them a heads up, too! Good luck on the material farming, we’ll put a few guides up in the description if that’ll help ya out any, and as always, thank-you for watching and catch you next time, Legion! Take care!

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