Phase 1 Stand on 2 pad so you can open the door Hack 2 console to get tritium battery (bomb) Pick up the bomb. ( the bomb will drain energy, wait untill it charge 100% ) open the door by standing on 2 pad protect the bomb carrier with crowd control (CC) skill. if the carrier got shot, it will decrease the arming when hit 100% find 4 console to hack, easy way to find it is follow orange cabble on the ground. you see this cabble right?.. good. injector is vulnerable ! thats mean you can drop the bomb after hit 100%. make sure it close to the toxin injector. First door success.. now repeat. Rare container location sssshhh.. this door is bugged, don’t have to stand on the pad for this one. you can tell from blue light on the door. thats indicator you can pass the door. Phase 1 is Done. Phase 2. In this part, you need to find console with yellow light. hack it and it will show picture on the middle screen. There is the picture on the big screen, you see it??? Now find match picture on the screen.

Every pad have picture behind it. Simple right?? now just wait your teammate do the job.. don’t leave the blue circle or jump, it will reset everything if you do it. you can always block with melee incase you got shot or pulled by scorpion. Now go to Hijack part. You did hijack mission before? pushing the core will drain your shield. First Door – There is 2 pad to stop electric thing on the rail. 1 person hack the console to open the door. you see that electric on the rail right? don’t jump or leave blue circle on the pad. In nightmare, if the core hit electric on the rail, Game over. Second Door – There is 3 pad.. 1 left and 2 right. That 1 on the left. 1 up there and here. Can’t find pad? There is cabble lead into pad anyway, remember orange cabble on phase 1 ? Third Door – There is 2 pad.. 1 left and 1 right. Fourth Door – There is 6 pad (3 pad for first electric and 3 pad for the last electric ) 1 pad left..

2 pad right.. i’m taking left pad you can see where my teammate stand.. thats 2 pad on the right.. (waypoint is rare container) Last electric.. i’m still taking left pad. (1 pad left and 2 pad right) here i show you the pad location on the right. Done. Phase 2 is Done. Phase 3. In this part.. you need to kill enemies with bomb. it show on the map. white symbol. Pick up the bomb, charge it into 100% Open the door by stand on 2 pad. There is cabble , just follow it. 1 left pad and 1 right pad. Simple right? do clockwise rotation, make it easy to open next door. that laser on middle mean you need to defend console. if the enemies hacking all console somewhere, it will reset what you do in this phase. { it will annihilate the entire squad and extinguish the flames on the power plant} Now you can kill the boss after done all the door (power plant) . Phase 3 is Done. Mission Complete. Thanks for watching..

As found on Youtube