Hello! It’s Rythim Man! I wanted to create a short video showcasing what I believe is the best thing to hit melee since “Melee 2.0”. In Warframe you can now do red crits with melee weapons. Two melee mods make this possible. First is the common mod, ‘Body Count’. It extends the length between melee hits before the melee combo resets. If you don’t know already, increasing your melee combo can increase the damage you deal. While there is, theoretically, no limit to the amount of damage increase you can have, I have comfortably reached a 3x multiplier using ‘Body Count’. Wukong also increases the combo-counter reset time, and his defy ability makes him naturally well-suited for melee. The second mod is uncommon — ‘Blood Rush’. It increases your critical chance and stacks with the combo counter. So the higher the combo counter, the more likely you are to ‘crit’.

This combines well with ‘Body Count’. After a few combo multipliers not only am I doing extra damage, but I’m doing critical hits more reliably and dealing ‘red crits’ on some weapons, like the Scindo Prime. I found ‘Body Count’ while hunting down the Acolytes, and received ‘Blood Rush’ while helping Alad V survive waves of the Acolytes. I think these mods are definitely worth trying. Especially if you like the thrill of using ‘melee-only’. If you like this mod combo, support me with a like and a subscribe, and if you know any other cool combos, leave a comment and I might to a video on that. And as always, stay cool..

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