Hey everyone, lostguru again. Spy got a few revamps since my first video so I decided to put out another more updated one, as there have been some noticeable changes since then and the first video was severely lacking in detail. There are two main reasons why you would want to run spy missions at this point in time, the first being affinity. Successfully completing a vault will grant you a nice sum of affinity, 3000 on the most difficult spy nodes, and doing so undetected will triple that amount to give you 12000 affinity. This is great for levelling gear as a side to your stealth kill bonuses while you make your way through the map. The other reason would be for your fire and ice dual status mods, which boost elemental and status chance by 60% at max rank. If you’re running the former, you’ll want to do these runs undetected for maximum affinity gain, while those running the latter look to HAM rush each vault as quickly and painlessly as possible.

By the end of this video, hopefully you’ll know how to do both. To very briefly summarize the rest of this guide, at this point in time, Grineer spy vaults are much easier to both rush and stealth rush than their Corpus counterparts unless you are running specific frames, namely Loki, Nova, or Limbo, at which point both take about the same time to complete. Grineer vaults can be completed quickly by pretty much any warframe and weapon loadout, so you can come unprepared and still blast through them. With Corpus vaults you might be able to get faster completions with certain warframes, but otherwise it will still take about the same amount of time in total. This video will use solo footage from the highest enemy level spy missions for both factions.

For Corpus this would be Oceanum, Pluto, which uses the Corpus Outpost tileset and spawns level 33 to 35 enemies. You can get the cryogenic leakage environmental hazard on this tileset, which may close off some side entrances that you might have been able to take otherwise, but for Corpus vaults this is a minor hassle at best. On the flip side there are two Grineer spy nodes tied for highest enemy level, both on Ceres and both spawning enemies between levels 33 and 35. The first is Lex, which uses the Grineer Galleon tileset, and the second is Hapke, which uses the Grineer Asteroid tileset. Put simply, Lex has naturally spawning arc traps and sensor bars, while Hapke has larger tiles that take time to traverse and the chance of getting the cryogenic leakage environmental hazard, which closes off a side entrance you can take in one of the vault rooms. Pick whichever one you’d prefer, both can be faster than the other in terms of rushing depending on what warframe you pick. At this point in time, Corpus vaults only have one real way of completing each, and as they’re the most changed since they were released I’ll be addressing them first.

Before that though I want to reiterate some general knowledge that I feel everyone should know about Spy while doing this mission type. First off, for obvious reasons, if a Corpus camera or Grineer Sensor Regulator catches you in their sights, the vault alarm will trigger. Similarly, if you come in contact with a Corpus or Grineer laser barrier, you will also trigger the vault alarm. Second, damaging a Corpus camera or Grineer Sensor Regulator without destroying it will trigger the vault alarm. This means that if you plan on destroying either of these two machines, you’ll need to do it in one shot if you don’t want to raise the alarm. Third, if an enemy in the vault room activates one of the map-wide alarms there, that vault will have its alarms triggered.

This includes any of the guards already patrolling the vault room, or normal enemies in the map that wander into the vault room. Fourth, Corpus cameras and Grineer Sensor Regulators are deaf. They cannot hear any noises. You can fire off as many rounds as you want right next to either of them and they’ll be no different to the matter. For this reason, there isn’t a huge necessity to bring a silenced weapon just for doing the vaults in a spy mission, as only one of the vaults in both Corpus and Grineer spy missions contain any guards. Lastly, after you’ve finished hacking a vault, you can beeline straight for the exit, as tripping a vault alarm after you’ve gotten the data from it will not do anything at all. I would also like to mention that if two people are doing different vaults and one person accidentally trips his or her vault alarm, the other vault will not have its alarm activated at the same time.

Vaults are independent of one another. In addition, a map-wide alarm activated outside a vault does not seem to trip the alarms of any vaults currently in progress. That’s all you really need to know about Spy 2.0, so lets look at each vault in more detail. I’ll be giving each of these vaults unofficial names just to differentiate them between each other. Do note that on lower difficulties, there will likely be fewer hazards to worry about and you’ll have more time to save data from being purged if you accidentally trip a vault alarm.

For every vault I will assume that your weapons are loud and unsilenced, since these spy missions would be trivial if you had a silenced weapon. I will also explain both how to rush them undetected and how to rush them without regard to alarms. Finally, I will also refrain from using warframe abilities unless I’m discussing specific warframe strategies. The hacking room is probably the easiest and most straight forward of all the vault rooms. There are four cameras and no patrols here to hear you, so loud weapons are perfectly fine. The only requirement is that you have a weapon that can kill a camera with one round, which should be pretty much any weapon that’s modded half-decently.

This room is literally a straight four-console hack to completion, three if you got lucky and the laser floor wasn’t activated when you entered the room. If it wasn’t then you won’t need to hack this first console. Once you’ve taken care of the laser floor, I recommend you head left. Go ahead and hack the door you see there. After that, shoot the camera and get this last door taken care of. From your position at the left door, you’ll be able to shoot both cameras from cover and safely hack the terminal.

If you head in from the right side, you might have some difficulty shooting the top camera. If you’ve got a weapon with punch through, you can make this whole process simpler and just shoot the cameras through the window upon entering the vault itself. Just make sure enemies outside don’t hear you and come in to investigate or turn on the alarm, especially if your punch through weapon isn’t hitscan. If you just want to go HAM and rush for completion over affinity, you can be lazy with the cameras and the laser barriers, or skip them as soon as you see an open grate with Loki’s Decoy Switch Teleport combo or Nova’s Worm Hole.

Don’t forget that you can clear out cameras with a non-LoS (line of sight) nuking ability, so warframes such as Excalibur, Oberon, and Saryn can press 4 for a camera-free run. The grates routes in the higher difficulty spy missions are inconsistent now, as which grates are locked and which grates are breakable are randomized. There’s not much point in going for the grates each time just for that one chance a path is open to you, as most of the time you’ll be stopped and forced to backtrack. This is the room with all the laser traps. There are two cameras in here but you only need to worry about one. There will also sometimes be one or two turrets near the end by the vault console door. Again, no patrols, so feel free to go loud. It’s gotten a bump in difficulty since conception, with more laser fields, closed grates, and even turrets on occasion. The first hallway isn’t too bad, so get through it however you please. We can’t loop around through all the the tunnels this time though, since more often than not their grates will be unbreakable.

Instead, head up to the top platform and wallrun along the right into the tunnel entrance on the other side. Sometimes there will be a laser barrier moving up and down at the end of the wall right before the tunnel. Time yourself for this one so that you start the wallrun as that last barrier is moving upwards and is about to reach its peak. That way you can avoid touching it. If you’re HAM rushing however, you can start your wallrun whenever, since even if you do touch the laser barrier and get knocked out of your wallrun, you’ll still end up inside the tunnel, where you can head down to hack the vault anyway. Alternatively, you can use Limbo’s Rift Walk to pass through lasers with zero consequence. You’ll still need to clear out the camera, but that will be no problem with either a weapon or Banish. Loki’s Decoy Switch Teleport combo also works to great effect here and makes the room trivial, as does Nova’s Worm Hole. This is the only Corpus vault room with patrolling guards, two of them in total.

Apart from them there are three cameras, one above the entranceway and one on either side. These crewman can hear loud weapons, but even so this room won’t be difficult. If you want to rush this undetected and don’t have a silenced weapon, you’ll want to head left so you can go clockwise with the patrols. Take care of the first enemy however you please, you can use the tunnel on the left side, or just watch the camera field of vision and go when the coast is clear.

Afterwards, do the same in this next room segment and make your way over to the far tunnel. Very occasionally you’ll find that this side grate is breakable; if it is, you’re in luck, you can just take that tunnel directly to the vault instead. Also remember that if your melee weapon has a decently-sized slam attack AoE (area of effect), you can use that to silently take out the cameras as well.

This works for all Corpus cameras, including the ones in the other rooms. I’ve found on multiple runs though that even if I fire a loud weapon to destroy a camera or kill a guard, the other guard usually won’t immediately go to activate the alarm if he didn’t see me. Only Tenno can see through windows it seems. Sometimes enemies will rush to the source of the sound, other times they will post up against a nearby object and peek around scanning for targets. Generally, they didn’t go to activate the alarm until they had visual confirmation of my presence.

Nova works best here with her Worm Hole, as it’s silent and doesn’t put you out in the open. Loki’s Decoy Switch Teleport combo works as well, but keep in mind the Decoy makes noise as it fires at enemies. This can work out in your favor though since enemies might be too busy shooting at the decoy to go activate the vault alarm. HAM rushing this room can be done with pretty much any warframe, all you need to do is get to the tunnel at the far end that takes you to the vault console.

Remember to copter, roll, or somersault through laser walls to avoid being knocked down by them. There will always be one Eximus MOA in the room with you, so do something about it before you hack the console. Let’s move on to Grineer now. In my opinion the Grineer vaults are constructed much better than their Corpus variants, with multiple paths of attack for each that don’t urge you to come with any specific loadout. Again, I’ll assume that you don’t have a silenced weapon, nor a weapon capable of downing Sensor Regulators in one shot. All of these vaults would be trivial otherwise. We’ll start with the Abyss Room, the only room with a bottomless pit. It’s got two Sensor Regulators and no guards. You can either go left or right here, what decides which path you take will be how good your copter weapon is or how good you are at parkour. If your melee weapon doesn’t have the best copter, go right and crouch walk or slide through the hole in the wall.

Wait for the lasers to reach their peak and begin your wallrun. Swap walls after you pass the lasers, then wallclimb up the last bit. Wallrun and launch yourself into the pipe on the far end and drop down before hacking the vault. If you do have a good copter weapon however, go left instead. You can generally run right past the first Sensor Regulator and it won’t see you at all, just hug the left wall as you do so. This next one initially grinds people to a halt, until you realise that Sensor Regulators are quite stupid. If you hug the right side of the corridor close to the Sensor Regulator, you’ve got a 50/50 chance of not being spotted. Crouch walk to decrease those chances even further, slide across for even less of a chance, and finally copter across for virtually no chance at detection. Of all the times I’ve coptered past this thing spamming Rosalind, Uranus for Rime Rounds, I have never once been seen by it. After you get past it, you’ll get to that large chasm that you’re supposed to close up with the consoles in the corridor we just rushed through that raise up the tram compartments.

With a good copter weapon however, you can clear this gap no problems. Alternatively you can clear this portion easily with a decent amount of parkour skill. Once at the other end, you can hack the door to get inside, or copter up top to use the pipe entrance from the right path to skip a hack, do whichever one will be faster for you. Again, if you come with a Nova or Loki, you can Worm Hole or Decoy Switch Teleport yourself to cross areas quickly. If you Decoy, note that even though Regulators cannot hear it open fire, they will still raise the alarm if the Decoy damages them, so watch your placement. This Grineer room is the only one with explosive barrels. It’s got one Sensor Regulator, no guards, and three moving conveyor belts. In my experience the left and right paths take about the same amount of time, with the left path generally being much safer to take. So we’ll start with there. Shoot the barrel as it passes by the fan to blow both open. Pass through it and get past the first laser barrier. If you’re worried about timing, they deactivate every time a barrel passes through them.

If you’re really worried, just launch yourself over them. At the turn, you’ll see another fan on your right side, this one turned on. If you run in front of it you’ll actually be blown off the conveyor belt, but that irrelevant for the most part. Wait for another explosive barrel to get close and blow it up as well to destroy the fan. You can head down the hole and hack the vault from there. For the right side, get to the top and evade all the laser barriers in the same fashion as the left. Once at the top, you’ll see two laser beams spaced out with a gap in the center. The easiest way through this is to tap your jump and roll keys at the same time. You’ll perform a jump roll, taking you safely through the gap.

Alternatively you can just jumpkick through with a jump slide, or somersault through from a sprint. Afterwards, make your way over to the conveyor belt underneath you, crouch through the gap in the lasers there, and drop down to the vault console. Keep in mind that a mistimed jump can still trip the vault alarm, at which point this entrance will close off. If this happens you’ll need to either blow up the moving fan from the left path, or go down and brute force your way through the door. If you want to HAM rush this room, you can just copter yourself through the laser barrier in the middle. More often than not you’ll trip the alarm in the process and two enemies will spawn in the back room.

Deal with them, and hack your way through the door or use the barrel fan entrance. One thing to keep in mind is that if you choose Hapke over Lex and spawn in with a cryogenics core malfunction, the barrel fan entrance will actually be blocked off by a patch of ice. This isn’t a huge problem as you can just parkour your way up to the top laser entrance or take the right path upon initially entering the vault room, but it’s something to take note of.

If you’ve got a Nova, again, Worm Hole all the hallways. Loki’s Decoy Switch T eleport works as well, but you need to be careful of the moving conveyor belts. If your decoy gets carried by one through a laser barrier, you’ll still trip the vault alarm. Also note that Limbo will still trip Grineer laser barriers in Rift Walk; however he will still pass through unharmed, so he’s not a bad idea for HAM rushing either. This is the only Grineer vault with patrolling guards. It’s got two Sensor Regulators, one on each side, and two guards, both below. For this vault, choose either side. Wait for the Sensor Regulator to pass you by and head for the hole in the wall. Afterwards kill or avoid the first guard and drop down below into the maintenance shaft. It’s a straight run to the vault console after that. This vault is probably the easiest of the three Grineer vaults since the path is very straightforward. The only way to really speed up this run would be with a Nova or Loki as always, but the gains are minimal at best.

That was the last vault room currently in the game. Like I mentioned earlier, for all of these vaults, if you’re using warframes that synergize well with stealth play such as Loki, Ash, or Banshee, and you’ve got a weapon with a high damage per shot or swing, you won’t be having any trouble with these vaults and this guide probably didn’t help you out much.

But for everyone else levelling certain weapons and for those who might have gone into these missions with the wrong loadout, this was meant to show you how to clear them without issues. Keep in mind that many warframes can do some pretty cool stuff to help out inside vaults that I didn’t mention. For instance, Nova’s Molecular Prime doesn’t alert enemies, and can slow down their movement speed in addition to doubling their damage taken. And that’s it for this video. Thanks for staying. What actually inspired me to get this video out was a recent aura mod alert we had on PC. There was a Grineer Phobos spy alert for Pistol Scavenger at around 8PM EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) on March 12th, and I joined public group after public group after public group and people were repeatedly failing the mission since in the alerts, failing one vault meant failing the whole mission.

And most of these guys were all mastery rank 10 or higher. It was a huge surprise and I found it quite amusing. The PUGs not so much I imagine, but it really revealed to me just how unfamiliar people were with the new spy vaults and how irrationally mad they got at them. These things aren’t hard if you just look around. So I hope this helped you all out. When I’m rushing these spy missions I don’t run silenced weapons either so at the very least I can verify these methods work consistently for me. Have fun levelling your weapons, or good luck getting Rime Rounds to drop. Just remember to take it easy..

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