Ahoy thar, Legion! Hope the weekend has treated ya well! No devstream last week, so in it’s place I got a short n’ sweet look at The Index Preview! Yes, Preview. Apparently DE didn’t think we should get it all at once… so instead this’s just the TIP -_^ The short n sweet for ya is quite brisk: Kill you some corpus Loot the spyro gem they drop N turn em in! Each gem on your person lowers your health, cuts your shields, and drains your energy at quite a snappy pace, making you more likely to get squished and for someone else to loot all those tasty points for themselves. If you’re wondering why anyone would hoard them at all, it’s because the more you have at once the more points you get at turn in. No matter how many you have, the freebies top out at 10. But I’d recommend turning them in every batch of five as the payouts are proportionally identical and the risk is far lower, but feel free to play with your preferred investment strategies, Legion.

To win your team needs to hit 60 first, or at least have more than the enemy in the endurance mode’s case. In terms of difficulty, there isn’t too much outside of random one-hit kills due to having too many points on you at once, or the more likely scenario of dealing with the bullet spongy mech squad you sometimes get stuck against. The starting two difficulties are Solo Tenno friendly, in fact the initial release was favoring them as the point system was outta whack, but they’ve since tweaked that so my Pug Life brethren can jump in without much to worry about.

Win ten rounds, collect your Exilus Adapter from the event, and you’re golden. Doing so unlocks the Endurance mode which is quite another beast entirely. You’ll have a time limit over your head and rapidly leveling enemies to deal with. You’ll see level 200+ enemies in no time that hit particularly hard so be sure to bring your best items at your disposal In terms of credit farming potential, as long as you win the match, you’ll always get your money back no matter what. You should never lose outside of Endurance, even if the runs are tedious with all the mecha meatshields, so join in and risk whatever you are comfortable gamblin’ with. During all this you randomly get mods off kills, but I wasn’t entirely impressed at the selection. Though fans of Detron and Tetra might disagree. And shoutout to Chozenone54 for the picture of all these in one place, saved me some editin’ time.

So, we got us some new content, Legion! Like it, have fun with it? Or not so much? Let us know in the comments below what you thought of it or maybe some suggestions on how you think it can be improved! If this guide helped ya out or put a smile on your face we’d be honored if you’d like, favorite, and share it with your fellow tenno! We always appreciates it when ya does.

Thank-you for watching and catch you next time, Legion! Take care!.

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