Ahoy thar, Legion! Well would you look at that, just hours after posting my thoughts on Update 13 they patched the game. Dark Sectors are now somewhat available! It still needs some work but, eh, I’m not one to look a gift zanuka in the mouth. Because of these changes I thought it might be a good time to show you an updated farming technique. Our previous farming guide video still stands, Survival slash Defense are best to farm xp, mats, credits, and all that good stuff in one place while avoiding burnout, but credit speed runs have changed! Dark Sectors are now taking the lead for payout and ease of use.

Here’s the basic setup: Go to an available Dark Sector, in this case it was on Ceres, and only stick around for 5 minutes. Survival is harder than Defense as you can camp and exit quickly verses run all over the map for oxygen, but Defense tends to take about twice as long to complete and some of the mobs are bugging out and getting stuck so that really drags the game out, but both work the same. In this case we are lucky enough not to have Eclipse running the show for the moment and TW Alliance only ran with a 7% tax, so for about five minutes worth of effort we walked out with nearly 20k credits. Rejoin, rekill, repeat. Of course the second a rail is contested this method goes out the window, so you’ll still need to synchronize your space watches and hop around the map looking for opportunistic strikes and all that.

A Tenno is ever vigilant against the marauding armies of infes–woah, is that an alert for a helmet? Yeah yeah, vigilance and uh, honor and stuff. Totally. Thank-you for watching, Legion! If this helps you farm more effectively, we’d be honored if you liked and shared this video with your fellow Tenno. As always, if you have any questions of suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below. Catch you next time, Legion! Take care!.

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