One of the most exciting revelations on TennoCon this year was the Eidolon Plan. Without a doubt it was a great novelty. And with that comes Ostron civilization which adds new stories and also a new city named Cetus. Which I think works quite like Relay and has a limit of 50 players per “server”. And, of course, I’ll talk more about Cetus and the Eidalon Plans more when I make a video tomorrow. Cetus is a weapon manufacturer or a salesman named Hok we will be able to produce our own Ostron weapons. You will be able to select the blade, the handle and of course the trunk which, according to Steve, affects the effect of a weapon or something, So maybe it will not be associated with damage to the weapon Based on what components you put together decide what type of weapon you want to make, so the change of the gun’s head can change her from the mace to the thanks or sword.

Then you can change the handle and it becomes a stick or spear or two-handed sword. There are plenty of options with this system and it will be great fun to make our own weapons. But if they ever decide to afford us to make primary and secondary weapons like that which they probably do not, is a great chance not to if they do, our choice of weapons will be giant. But when this update arrives we can jump into the game and farm the raw material on these manufactured weapons close on the Eidolon Plains so you have to collect the raw materials on these plains so that you can make these weapons. Maybe you need a fish or something like that! Who knows?! Oh and another really cool thing is that you will be able to CARD your weapon. That is a fact! You can run around with Fidget Spinner but please do not! Or you can crush your heads with your Blueberry or cut your limbs with your Tenno Knife to Butter.

I’m sure there will be a limit on the names of these weapons, I doubt that he will allow us to name weapons such as “Bumped” or “Take your Grineer” Offsets will probably filter out. But honestly the opportunity to make your own weapon close once you have requirements or raw materials and then name her somehow funny or something that means something to you. Imagine carrying “The Sword of Thousands of Truth” But let’s be honest, you can not give the “Sword of Thousands of Truth” a novice So not everyone gets it. How do you name your first weapon? When you make the gun, what is the first thing you think? If you do not get it or not. Will it be a name that means something to you or not? I would also wonder what happens to RIVEN fashion for these Ostron weapons.

They will be RIVEN specially for Ostron weapons, such as “Ostron Polearm Riven” or “Ostron Dagger Riven” or “Ostron Machette Riven” and so on, and so on. I’m curious how they play it If they will have RIVEN or RIVEN to be completely useless for them. Once this update arrives. As I said earlier, I’m planning a Plains of Eidolon video on tomorrow and I’ll go into the details about Planins. But go to the comments and tell me what do you think about the possibility of making your own Warfare weapon.

When this update arrives. Let’s hope the raw material requirements for these weapons will not be too high and they will not be crazy and impossible to get, but let’s be honest it’s Warframe and grindiness is what we do (Grind = Farming Giant Quantities) I honestly do not mind if the guns are worth the Grind But we can not know until they’re in the game. Do not forget to give it like if you liked the video or not if you did not like it. Obtain for more Warframe. And as always, thank you very much for seeing :).

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