Hello everyone in the video how are you today? So start by dropping Opticor because there’s a new BFG in the warframe new Big Fuckin Gun And it’s the new Army Plasmor Shotgun Shotgun. The term “shotgun” is very easy to use. It behaves more like a Plasma cannon than anything else, but he’s using shotgun fashion, so it’s a shotgun something like Convectrix in that sense except that we all know that Convectrix is ​​an absolute horror Arca Plasmor was added to the game last night along with Arca Bundl which consists of Arca Plasmor, Titron hammers and Scisco pistols Also added was this strange-looking Armor Set for warframs, which has these waving shoulders which they always wield when they use the weapon and are very nervous in a nutshell, it’s pretty nasty but as I said, Arca Plasmor is a new Corpus gun pumping shotgun who showed us several times on devstream and there was a relatively large Hype around this weapon and eventual addition to the game I personally look forward to the pumping shotgun from Tenno and her addition to the game BUT Plasmor is great is big and powerful He shoots Plasmoe cartridges that have a pretty wide scattering and are able to hit more enemies in one shot even the enemies at the edge of the plasma wave will suffer relatively large damage if you deliberately aim over enemy heads you can also score a headshot when you hit them with the edge of that wave and unfortunately Plasmor has a painful long charging time (almost 3 seconds) But the hell hurts out of it, so it’s pretty fair.

It’s a terrible fun to run around and fuse the enemies if you use the reload mode to reduce Harrow’s Two or Toxic Chroma, then reload will not be a problem Plasmor is a weapon for MR10 + giving pure Radiation DMG without any IPS which means you have the ability to combine more elemental Comb like radiation, corrosive and blast if you try to get your gun down on a shot from near (up to 15m) has a guaranteed Impact stagger has 22% Crit chance so you can modify it on crit as well as 28% Status chance so you can keep track of status Status chance can be pulled to 99.9%, which is quite annoying we just could not get 0.1% of the data to get 100% or you can build a plasmor on hybrid Crit and status … which I did in my layout but again it is my personal decision and because Arca Plasmor is not a regular shotgun, it does not follow the conventional rules of shotguns does not need 100% status to be effective because it does not shoot missiles, only huge plasma waves and these waves have a base of 2m Punch trough applied only to the enemy He’s going through the Shield Lancer shield right there, as if their shield was not there at all but the walls and bars will stop if you do not use the Punch Trough mode So what are the weaknesses of Plasma, except long charging? the shooting speed is also quite poor and has a range of 30m anything that goes beyond 30m you simply will not hit and also has a fairly decent loss of damage over long distances from twenty meters of damage drops by 80% due to the decline so it’s a pump shotgun that requires you to be quite close to your target which is not such a surprise because you do not usually shoot a shotgun …

If it’s not Tigris Prime So I’ve already put two forms on my Arca Plasmor Since it already has 2 “V” polarities and I have a combination of Status and Crity and because Plasmor medium riven Disposition so try to imagine if you were lucky and you managed to get some juicy riven for this thing I use the weapon Focus Madurai and the slash procs from the madurai I received from the plasmas were absolutely amazing and gave a real damage every second Definitely put me in the comments under this video what you think about Plasmore if you have it or you are exploring it, and you can not wait to get it and use it or if you are a console player and are waiting for these weapons to be added to the console version of the game Of course, expect a video on that gun and hammer tomorrow and the day after tomorrow do me a favor and bang me there Like if you liked the video or did not give it if you did not like Buy for more videos about Warfare and always like to see! Translated by: Cometfall

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