Hey there guys, this is Reckles with WTBGold and today I’m going to show you some amazing Legion skinning spots for Stonehide Leather farming and Stormscale farming. One of these is not only the best Stonehide spot right now, but it’s the best skinning farm WoW has ever had. EVERYTHING I talk about in the next couple minutes is going to be nerfed, so get to it, guys Get skinning Let’s do this guide Ok, so, just so everyone’s on the same page, even if you’re watching this a couple years from now, Legion has currently been out for two weeks, and skinning already had a big nerf, where rank three skinning went from 9-24 leather per skin, down to 2-4. While it’s good for long term skinning viability, it’s still a massive nerf and has created a lot of searching for the best routes out there.

So, here’s what you’re gonna want for this guide. Rank 3 skinning which gets you more leather and Blood of Sargeras, Mother’s Skinning Knife which let’s you loot from a range like the loot-a-rang, crossrealm assist or any addon that let’s you server hop, and finally a water mount, because all the best stormscale spots are in the water. Finally, check the description and the comments to see if any of these have been nerfed before you try them out. And you know, while you’re down there, hit the like button, that really helps me out. Now I don’t like doing guides that require you to server hop, so first, here are two amazing spots you can do without it.

For Stonehide Leather, go to The Runewood in Stormheim, we’re killing bears, deer, and birds. Here are the coordinates for where I do my killing after I round everything up. First spot, pull everything into the little circle where that elite bear is. Second, move down the path and pull all those bears and the deer on the edge of the cliff.

Next down the path there’s a ledge, pull the ones at the bottom up to the top. After that, go to the big scary talking tree and kill all the deer around it. And for all of these, if there are any birds in the area, grab those too. Then take the path out that the tree is looking towards, and round everything up between him and there’s a stone fence fence right there. This used to be the whole route, but this spot has already been nerfed.

The bears hit harder and are taking a minute longer to respawn so hang a left and round up the stuff on the path that leads back to the flight path, there’s a little ledge that you run up against. Then right next to the flight path, there’s a flock of birds. Kill those and head back to the start. Each of these 7 pulls is between 7 and 12 mobs that drop 2-4 Stonehide Leather each and it takes me about 6-8 minutes to do a whole lap. For Stormscale, head to the island northwest of Stormheim. There’s occasionally a world quest there that has you kill big scary Vrykul in the center of the island. The perimeter though is entirely beach and it’s lined with crabs the entire way. So, from the flight path, just head down towards the shore and run counter clockwise until the beach end and you’d need water walking to keep going. Nothing is in the water past that point and since it takes you at least 5 minutes to run all the way around, you can just use your flight master whistle to instantly teleport back to the lap’s start You can do this trick with the rune wood bear farm too, but you just reverse the order of the points that you’re farming.

Ok, let’s get into, you know what? I can’t wait, let’s just show you the best farming spot in WoW. It’s a jerk to get to, it doesn’t have coordinates, and it isn’t even on the map. Go to either southeast Suramar, the flight path there, and head southeast into the water past the islands, or you can take the Broken Shore flight path if you have that and just head north. You’ll be able to see the island if your view distance is set to max. As you approach you’ll be greeted by 35 freakin Sea Lions just sunbathing on rocks. They’re all within AoE range. Round up as many of them as you can without dying and try to skin it all before the bodies despawn on you. In this clip I’m pulling about 20, because that’s all I could comfortably handle, but there are twice as many stragglers around the edge and little different packs here and there.

So, once you skin it all, change realms and everything’s back up. This 100% will be nerfed. It’s dumb. It’s too much leather. And what they’re gonna do is just say “sea lions aren’t skinnable anymore.” And you know what Blizzard? That’s boring. Here’s a better way to do it. If these only spawned from like, 7-8 in the morning and 5-6 in the afternoon, there would be mandatory competition for the spot, which would make it less viable, without hurting the profession while adding to the story that these seals are sunbathing. . Ok, so we’ve established that what we’re looking for is mobs with not a lot of health in a high density so you can server hop around to keep killing them. So let’s rocket fire some of those spots. For Stonehide leather, remember the birds we talked about in the bear farm by the stormhiem flight path? Yah, that’s 10 mobs within whirlwind range of each other.

Just stand there, round em up, kill em, change realms, and then rinse repeat. Just west of Talonrest, there’s an NPC named Houndmaster Ely. All around him, especially in this little small ditch, are a bunch of corrupted wolves. Ignore houndmaster ely, round up all the wolves you can handle. Kill em. Change realms. Repeat. Now, for stormscale, the crab route from before has a spot where 12 crabs are grouped up right underneath one of the giants with a few more on either side. As long as you don’t accidentally pull the giant, this is super fast farm with Cross realm. If you do pull him though, just kill him away from the crabs so he doesn’t fall over them and cover up the bodies and interrupt your skinning. You don’t know which one’s you’ve skinned and which one’s you haven’t. This route as a whole, this crab farm, is really good. You can cross realm farm, or if you have competition for that, you can just run around the perimeter and do just fine. Next, there are Great Sea Thresher sharks northwest of azsuna and they come in packs of nine.

They pat across this submarine plateau and don’t hit very hard. Just, make sure that when you’re farming these guys that after every group you skin you go up for air. I uhh, I drowned twice here while filming this. It’s…I’m good at video games. Now, lots of things aren’t skinnable. Most baby animals in Legion and World of Warcraft in general aren’t skinnable. Like these sharks or all the baby crabs. Also, these spiders here are not only not skinnable, but they’re demons so you can imprison them or make em warlock pets. But there are two different groups of baby seahorses, called Baby Seastriders, that are in a packs of fifteen and they don’t move from their spawn point. This makes them ridiculous for cross realm farming. Just remember that even if you’re an OP tank, when 15 things hit you at the same time, it adds up and you can get pretty hurt. So have your mitigation or CC ready with these adorable little guys that you’re going to proceed to brutally murder and cut their skin off.

And finally, the non-instanced Eye of Azshara has a ton of crabs you can skin. They have million hp each and there are 6 to 7 packs of them along the beach where the wrath would spawn in the instanced version. Just avoid the big scary boss that’s patrolling around because his shadow bolt volley hits for 10 million. So, that’s it, I think you have enough spots here to get you guys rolling, making everything you need to craft and maybe even a few extra obliterum here and there. So good luck, happy gold making, and make sure to hit the like button as hard as you’d hit a baby seahorse. I’ll talk to you guys later. Bye!.

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