Hey there, guys! This is Reckles with WTBGold and welcome to my first pick pocket farming guide. Today, we’re knocking out the current content farm for Legion, I’m a little late on this, I know I know, and going over the best ways to farm coins of air. If you have any questions on the macros I’m using, I did a seperate guide on that a few days ago. So, here’s the 60 second primer on what Coins of Air are. When you head into the rogue order hall, there’s a troll NPC named Griftah. Griftah sells you a lamp and a cleaning cloth for way too much gold And wouldn’t ya know it, a genie pops out with a quest chain to pick pocket items and exchange them for coins of air. Initially you can only get white and green items so you go pickpocket for about 5 minutes to upgrade the lamp to unlock rares drops.

Rare drops give you more coins The next quest has you pickpocket for 6 specific items to upgrade the lamp again and unlock epic pick pocket items worth 5000 to 10,000 coins of air each. If you’re stuck on this quest, don’t worry, you’re just having bad luck. All the drops are random and drop from anything. But after that, you’re done. You can turn the coins in for cool transmog bandanas, a couple toys, and 2 different pets that sell for 3,000 to 20,000 gold each, so keep one or two of those up on the Auction House.

There’s also a weekly quest that gives you 5,000 gold cash for 10000 coins of air, and a repeatable quest that’s just totally not worth doing. So, my recommendation is to farm up the maximum of 2,000,000 coins, and then just stop by your order hall once a week over the course of this expansion and the next for an easy boost your gold. Alright, you’re caught up. Where are the best places to farm? The first guide I ever saw for this was from Mmrrggll, and he recommended suramar because it’s a huge ring of humanoids.

Now, Suramar’s nice and all, especially for the initial lamp quests here since it’s close to Dal, but the best areas with a lot of density, have a lot of detection. It’s just kind of annoying to run around here. I don’t like it. It’s about 100,000 coins an hour If you’re watching this in Battle for Azeroth and beyond, or if you just don’t like using server hop, a fantastic spot that Archvaldor’s Warcraft Hacks recommended is the Eye of Azshara dungeon. There’s two ways you can run this. You can either go in, clear out that big initial group of Naga before the first boss and then reset the dungeon, or you can kill a couple of the big giants that have detection, and just run laps around the entire instance.

With this method, you can take advantage of all the little packs of murlocs and gelbin miners and pirates, and each full lap of the dungeon will give you 30-40 thousand coins and by the time you finish an entire lap, pockets have refilled. From my testing and accounting for any killing you have to do you’ll get between 100 and 200 thousand coins of air here. If you’re watching this during Legion, and have server hop installed, there is a best place, an ultimate spot where you can comfortably get 300,000 to 400,000 coins of air per hour. And this is the southwest side of Antoraan Wastes where little putrid engineers are making fel bombs.

There’re a whole bunch all around the perimeter, but there’s one hallway at coordinates 62,71 that has 40 of them pretty much stacked on top of each other. Super easy, pickpocket your way down the hall, grab any guys on the right or left, and server hop and pick pocket your way back to the start. There is a world quest in this spot called short fuses, so every couple of days, you’ll get like, half the number of coins 250,000 but it’s still fantastic. Alright, so gold per hour. On my server, the 10,000 coin pets, the Sneaky Marmot and the Dig Rat sell for 15,000 gold each so technically, the last farm is 400,000 to 600,000 gold an hour. But honestly putting an hourly rate on it is missing the point. Coins of air in legion are easy to farm and give you a nice weekly 5,000 gold boost. That’s it for me. Thank you for watching. If you can click the thumbs up, I’d really appreciate it. I’m really enjoying playing rogue so far so if you like this series that’s how you can let me know.

Have a great day guys, good luck and happy gold making..

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