Hey there guys, this is Reckles with WTBGold and In my last video I had a strawpoll in the description asking what you guys wanted to see next. You were honestly pretty split between BC/Wrath herbs and just fun expensive stuff. As I was thinking about that a new viewer named spartan asked in the comments “What makes money right now that sells quick?” Which is pretty much asking, how do I make gold.

So, let’s combine the strawpoll results and spartan’s question by talking about crafted transmog, or as I like to say, fancy pants Before we do this, I have a message for my subscribers real quick. There’s been a lot of hullabaloo on YouTube recently from big channels like pewdiepie about lower viewcounts on videos. What happened is Google just changed their algorithm is all. They’ve stopped suggesting videos to you guys just from people you’re subscribed to in favor of the best videos out there that match your interest.

So now, high subscriber count doesn’t necessarily mean high views if you’re missing that quality content. Whether this is good or bad, I’m not big enough to care. But, if you subscribed to this channel because you want to see every video I put out, then look down by the subscribe button. See that little bell down there? Ring my bell. If you click on that bell it’ll give you a little popup saying “Reckles just uploaded a video.” But, that’s all I’m gonna say on that though let’s answer Spartan’s question. And pay special attention to the mindset, because these fancy pants are all examples of valuable crafted transmog, but there are literally hundreds out there for you to explore.

Tailors have a pattern called the Flarecore Leggings that sell for about 10,000 gold. They’re expensive for 3 reasons. 1. They’re a really pretty blood red. 2. The recipe for them is rep gated, so to buy it you need to be Revered with the Thorium Brotherhood faction. That’s the dark iron guy in Blackrock Depths next to where Coren Direbrew spawns. 3. It uses a lot of awkward mats. The cores and essence might be on the AH for really cheap, but if they aren’t you need to go run Molten Core. The mooncloth is crafted by combining 2 felcloth only while standing next to a moonwell, and this used to be on a 4 day cooldown but that was removed when Lich King came out. And even with the Felcloth, you only get that by farming satyrs in Felwood or imps in swamp of sorrows. So even though it’s an easy 10,000 gold you can see how only vanilla elitists post these up regularly. Leatherworkers have their own 10,000 gold items called the Blastguard Pants. They’re also pretty, rep gated and have crazy mats. To get the recipe for em, you need to be Exalted with the Aldor faction in Shattrath City, which takes about 700 Marks of Sargeras and 50 Fel Armaments.

To get the materials for this, here’s what you do. Get on your skinner and run The Black Morass a couple times to get some Knothide Leather. Send that to your leatherworker to convert it into heavy knothide leather. Then go hang out at one of the forge camps to skin the Fel Hide off the hounds that spawn there. And for the primals, you usually have to farm those yourself, but even if you were to get all of this on the Auction House, it would only cost you about 2,000 gold, giving you an easy 8,000 extra gold whenever it all sells. So, Blacksmiths have a pattern called the protectors trillium legplates and these are like the transmogger’s little black dress. They go with everything. And yes, the recipe is gated but not by rep this time. You need to go farm Pandaria raids to get the plans for the patch Blacksmith Cooldown material “Balanced Trillium Ingots.” Every cooldown you perform teaches you a new pattern and this is just one of them. The legplate themselves take 28 days worth of these ingots, but there’s a trick for you blacksmiths out there to be able to craft this today, here’s here’s what you have to do.

Get on your miner and go out to Valley of the Four Winds. 400 or 500 ghost iron ore takes about 30 minutes to farm. Smelt that ore into ghost iron bars and send em all to your alchemist. 220 bars will take about 22 trillium plus you’ll get about 30% extra for being a transmute master. Hop on your blacksmith and combine 28 trillium with 28 spirit of war to avoid the cooldown. These Spirits of War used to only be available from disenchanting Siege of Ogrimmar epics but are now only available when you get a disenchant the gear from the tier 16 tokens.

So go run Siege of Ogrimmar guys, and viola! You just made another 10k. Easy peezy. So, what’s the point with all this? I mean, I went suuuper in depth with all these right? Generally the most expensive stuff out there, like these pants or sulfuras are the end game gear that was gated behind whatever fun and intricate crafting system Blizzard ran with that patch. And it changed from patch to patch. So to answer spartans question, first off, just make stuff, post it, and you’ll make gold. Beyond that though, look through your profession list and see what you have access to, and the easiest way to do that is by sorting the tradeskillmaster crafting window by posting price. If only a few people have the patterns or even know how to get the mats, that means you can charge a premium. And finally there are usually a few transmog haters out there whenever I do one of these videos who say “oh but the markets saturated, and you spend too much on posting fees” Shut up. It’s fine.

Try it, you might like it. But if you honeslty think transmog is too expensive, the daily auction house posting fee is 30% of the vendor price. Which means for the flarecore leggings, for example, it’ll costs you 1 gold 50 silver per day to sell this 10,000 gold transmog piece. You could post it up for 18 years straight and still make a profit, and that’s assuming WoW doesn’t have any inflation which we all know is an accurate statement.

So just get out there and craft some stuff. I’ll talk to y’all later, there’s another strawpoll down in the description so let me know what you want to see next. If you haven’t already, make sure to subscribe and like the video so youtube knows it’s awesome. But if you’re already subscribed and want to support the channel, either ring my bell down below or you can donate directly on Patreon. That’s all, have a good one guys!.

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