Hey there, guys. This is Reckles with WTBGold and before we begin our Aethril guide, I just had a little bit out housekeeping. Two weeks ago, in the Legion Shuffle video, I asked you guys to send me the prices of different materials on your server, and whoever had the most profit potential would get a prize. Well, it was close but Rubiksguy, he got a stack of 200 cloth for 20 silver. So, that’s just an astronomical return on investment. So, send me a message let me know what server you’re on and I will get you a battle pet worth what do you think? 50k? 50k sound fair for a nice lil prize? Well, let’s go, let’s talk about Aethril. Hey there guys, this is Reckles with WTBGold and today we are continuing on our EPICQUEST for the best material farming spots in wow.

Today we’re taking a look at Aethril. Aethril, while it is the cheapest herb, it’s under farmed. No one goes out and farms it because it’s the cheapest when actually, you know where every herb node is, there’s always one up. It has a really really fast respawn rate. So, this is actually the best, most profitable herb farm in legion. We’re gonna get into it. We’re gonna talk about it, so let’s go. Let’s do this guide. So, before we begin, as usual, we have to go over some of the prerequisites for legion herbalism farming. First, use a sky golem because you can herb without dismounting this way, if you don’t want to spend 50-100k on a sky golem you can buy Demonsteel Stirrups and use those for the same effect. They cost about 2k. Worse case, get rank 3 fragglerock and you mount faster after herbing. Second, use the Legion: Herbalism glove enchant to increase your gathering speed. It cuts it down by about half. But if you have mining too, you’re a dual gatherer, use Darkmoon firewater for the same effect.

Third, be in a tank spec if you can. You know those times where you’re running around, you’re gathering, and you aggro something and and all of a sudden you’re running super slow for a bit or get dismounted? Well that’s called the Dazed mechanic and tanks don’t get dazed. If you don’t have a tank spec, you can buy Stonehide Leather Barding for the same effect. This actually does increase the amount of gold per hour because you’re not slow when you’re running around.

This is a big lap. Next, since it is a big route, increase your mount speed. Legion pathfinding does this and stacks with the craftable Leystone Hoofplates. Finally I recommend the Addon Gathermate for node tracking. Make sure to download the additional addon Gathermate Data, so you don’t have to manually gather all the nodes, you can just import them. And you know what? With this herb in particular, I’d also say the Routes addon will help you out since you know where every single node is.

Ok, so, Aethril is the Azsuna herb and this map works really well as a dual loop gathering route. For odd laps, start at felblaze ingress, head northwest to Chillaine’s terrace, and loop around north of nar’thalas academy on your way back to the start. This should take about 10 minutes and everything should have respawned by the time you get back to the start. Then for even laps do the same, but do it a little bigger on the southern end. Head south past illidari stand for the bottom of the lap. The actual route is pretty simple but Rank 3 aethril does something cool, even though it took me, no joke, 5000 herbs gathered to be able to get this.

I’ve heard 6000. Let me know if it took you longer. But, every time you pick a legion herb, you have a chance at a second herb node respawning immediately so be on the lookout each time you gather and try not to afk farm too much. There are also withered that can spawn and these drop 5-20 herbs each. If you just run this route with everything combined, each 10 minute lap will get you about 120 aethril, but here’s what I like to do.

When you first get here, all the nodes are gonna be up because no one ever farms Aethril. It’s the cheapest herb so they think it’s not worth it. If you just do one lap every time you go to azsuna, as soon as you step into the zone or you do your world quests there. That first lap’ll get you 170-200 herbs. Each of these are cheap but they’re still 25g each so that’s 5k in 10 minutes. That’s as many foxflower or starlight rose as you get in a full hour of farming. So you get six times fewer, and they only sell for twice as much.

And since inscriptionists only really care about the cheapest herb, it’ll sell almost instantly. This is the best herb to farm in Legion right now. That’s really it, but it’s worth mentioning that you can also get these from seeds planted in Fertile Soil. You’ll get the seeds while gathering once you have rank 3 felwort, and there’s a garaunteed soil patch in every zone. There’s the talking tree in Stormheim, the Grove of Cenarius in Val’Sharah, there’s the Ironhorn Enclave in Highmountain, and there’s the Irongrove retreat in Suramar. When you plant the seeds, everything except Felwort is phased, so you can use the same 5 man group trick we talked about in foxflower farming to farm here and multiply your results. It’s a great trick for stocking up guild banks. So, in conclusion, farm this lap non-stop until you get rank 3. That’ll boost all your herb gathering production. And then after that, just do one lap every time you’re in azsuna. If you’re struggling to pay for wow, consider this method the easiest way to get an almost accidental wowtoken.

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