Hey there, guys! This is Reckles with WTBGold, and today we are taking a look at four gold farms in World of Warcraft that you haven’t heard of yet. Now, these are all by YouTubers that are smaller, under 5,000 subs. So, if you like any of these farms, and I’ve included a good mix of different gold making techniques – you’ve got transmog and professions, and pet farming, and a whole bunch of other stuff – then go check em out and subscribe to em, and let em know I sent you, so we can share the love, and build up this community a little bit more.

These guys are where the fun, new, and original ideas come from. So, let’s get into our first technique. This first strategy’s by a guy named Sharken, I’ve talked about him before but he’s fantastic, and his video is called WoW Gold Farm Instant Respawn in Desolace. Now, this is a transmog farm, and we’re going to be focusing on ilvl 30 to 35 stuff. So, if you are an experienced transmog farmer, this is th stuff you get out of Uldaman. Most of the stuff is pretty cheap, like, 100-1000 gold, but occasionally you’ll get a 20,000 gold 50,000 gold 500,000 gold item, you know the super duper rare green stuff. So, what we’re doing, we’re farming Slitherblade Invaders, a whole bunch of Naga. And you are nagana believe how easy this farm is. So, the cool thing that this guy brings to the table is creative ways of farming instant respawn transmog farms. He brings up the idea of rolling a trial account for a brewmaster monk where you test out the level 100 brewmaster monk, you can on that toon go put an ox statue down. All these naga run to the ox statue.

You kill em, you loot em, and it’s pretty AFK. He does the same thing with a druid, so go check this farm out. Spend a little bit of time here. For any transmog farm you need to spend at least like 30 minutes to an hour to get any kind of results whatsoever, and of course you want to have 500-1000 transmog pieces up on the auction house in order to get reliable income. BUT, this is a great farm if you’re looking for a creative way to get your ilvl 30ish stuff. The second technique is from a guy named Organic Gaming and his video’s called 6000 gold in one minute by trolling people on the auction house. And I love this video, because you can see the sparks going off in his mind as he’s talking about this, and it’s an important part of my gold making journey. Where I remember when it first clicked for me that people would pay gold for the luxury of being lazy. What he’s talking about specifically is buying muskenbutter and flaked sea salt, and dalapeno peppers, and stonedark snails.

All the cooking reagents for legion. Buying those from the vendor and just selling em on the auction house. Not even selling em for a lot, just 2 gold 5 gold 10 gold, whatever you can get for em. But this is something people are willing to pay for, this luxury of being lazy. And in fact, the gold queen…it’s not a new idea…the gold queen has a group that she calls the Copper Rod Squad, and these guys try to see how much gold they can get for vendor items. And I’m not talkin about anything fancy, just the stuff you have on the back of your traveler’s tundra mammoth: rune thread and vanishing powder, and just silly stuff that costs a silver to buy, you can sell on the auction house for a thousand gold and people will buy it because people are lazy.

The third technique is for all you miners out there and this is actually my video, so I’m being a little self serving but this is my channel I can do what I want. Cash me ousside how bout dat. So, the point of this strategy is that Khorium Ore and the price for Khorium bars has been going up and up and up every month, since mists of pandaria. Khorium Bars are selling for 1,600 gold each right now. It’s nuts. And granted, you’re not going to be selling a lot of em, because they are expensive but whenever someone wants to craft any of the BC epic transmog stuff, they gotta buy a lot of Khorium Ore.

So, sell it to em, and make em pay as much as they can handle. So, in my video I go through Nagrand, Isle of Quel’Danas, and Netherstorm, and I talk about the results you get from each. Generally you’re looking at like, 10 to 25 ore per hour. Not a whole lot, but you’re also getting felslate and, err…fel iron ore, and adamantite ore, and a whole bunch of other goodies. Motes of Fire and Earth, all that good stuff. But I talk about the pros and cons of each zone so go watch that if you’re a miner. Khorium should be part of your weekly routine. And this last technique we’re gonna talk about is from a good friend of the channel Hikons, and this is million gold per hour. We’re kicking things up a lot. Now, this is RNG dependent, it’s pet farming, and in a nutshell, what this guy’s doing is killing the lich king on as many different toons as he can every single week. Specifically he’s farming the Drudge Ghoul pet, and the drudge ghoul pet right now is selling for between 50 and 100,000 gold. Prices have gone down since he made the video, but this thing’s still super duper expensive.

It’s rare, it doesn’t drop very often off the lich king, and so you can sell it for a ton. Now, the special thing, the reason why you should watch his video is because he does a great job of not only the math behind how he can justify million gold per hour, but how to farm this on an army of alts as efficiently as possible. What he does is he shares his lockout with his own alt. So, you start a group in the premade group finder once you’ve killed everything up to the lich king, and then you log into your alt. And you have your alt queue up for that premade group finder group, and then you log back into your main, and then you accept that, and then you log back into your alt, and then you walk into ICC and you’re right there at the lich king…or at the portal before, you know where the Valkyries carry you off the edge, you know, you’ve been there.

But if you haven’t ever done this sharing a lockout trick, I recommend you go watch his video, and you subscribe to his channel, he’s fantastic. All these guys are great, but that is it! Go farm some drudge ghouls. Go get some khorium. Go get some vendor junk and sell it for as much as you can. And go ahead and get some transmog in Desolace. All these places are at least 10-100 gold per hour. So go make some gold. Thank you for watching. Subscribe if you haven’t. Like this video if it helped you out. And I’ll see you later. Good luck and happy gold making!.

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