Hi guys so I recently leveled all of my classes to maximum level and I managed to get my warrior geared enough to attempt the Arms & Fury warrior mage tower challenges. So I thought i’d post a guide on how i did the Arms challenge from a person who is not an expert in the warrior class, meaning if i could do it then so could you. Now at the time my item level was around maybe 915 upwards, i can’t remember exactly, but of course that would have played a part in helping me out. My gear was made up of relinquished items and loot from invasion bosses, I had no tier gear and only 2 legendaries. The legendaries I had were the ring called Ayala’s Stone Heart and the braces which called Mannoroths’s Bloodletting Manacles, the legendary braces no doubt helped a lot with my self healing and made this a lot easier.

I did make a big mistake during the fight but I still managed to do it. So If can do this, then there is no reason you can’t do it either. So first Make sure that you use and bring with you an Augment Rune, Flask of Countless Armies and a potion of old war if you need the dps boost, the food i used was the Nightborne Delicacy Platter and I also took drums of fury to use when needed. I also highly recommend that you use the macro thats on screen now, to macro your heroic leap. This macro will make your heroic leap jump you to where your cursor is pointed at on the screen, this makes the dark phase of this fight so much easier. Now I did not watch a guide before doing this so the The Talents i picked were what I thought was appropriate for me.

I chose Sweeping strikes for the level 15 Talent as you definatly need this for the second part of the fight for the add phase, you can pick dauntlets for the fist phase and then use a Tome of Tranquil Minds to switch to sweeping strikes during the role play leading up to phase 2. However I did not find much of an issue in starting with sweeping strikes. For the level 30 talent i picked Shockwave as this is must have for stunning the adds in phase 2.

For the level 45 talent I picked Trauma since it was a passive ability and would be affective on the adds in phase 2. If you find you need burst damage for the adds in phase then avatar maybe a better option. For the level 60 talent you need to pick Bounding Stride as the reduced cool down on your heroic leap is very important. For the level 75 talent i picked Titanic Might, this was to increase the duration of Colossus smash meaning you can have this applied to the boss for a very high percentage of the fight, therefore dealing increased damage. For the level 90 talents I picked in for the kill, as all of the talents in this section seemed some what useful so this is what i went for, but i do think looking back that focused range may have been a better option.

And for the level 100 talent I picked opportunity strikes and again looking back i really should have taken Anger management to help reduce the cool downs of my bladestorm and battle cry. This did not stop me from killing the boss, but you may wish to pick that instead. So the the 1st phase involves you fighting the archmage and to be honest he is pretty easy in terms of how you deal with him and his abilities. So i just charged in used battle cry and started to dps him down. when any set of ice hits you, you can use a combination of your AOE abilities such as warbreaker,cleave , blade storm and whirlwind.

Just make sure you have warbreaker and blade storm available for phase two as you will need them. The shards dont have a lot of health so i just dpsed them down. I chose to kill the ice shards as it gave me a victory rush proc, which meant when the ice was destroyed I moved towards the archmage and just charged through the beam and used victory rush to top up my health. I then used pummel to interupt his frost bolt cast and moved him as close to the middle as i could. This was so when he teleported to the other side It would take me less time to get to him. This would be a process that I would repeat at every transition. Now after the 3rd set of ice spawns and the mage teleports across move to him as you have been previously doing. Interupt his frost bolt again to bring him closer to the middle, however the next time he disappears he will enter in to his dark phase.

Make sure you have your heroic leap ready for this part, when he teleports you will see a sparkle affect as to when he has landed, so heroic leap to him asap, the macro really helps speed up this phase as you can easily die if your not fast enough. When he starts casting the purple orbs dodge as best you can as they do hit for a large amount of damage. When he casts draw power interupt the cast and move towards the middle, as he is now about to teleport once more. Get to him as fast as you can, use charge and once again interupt draw power when he casts it. Now as before move straight to the middle even if he does not follow you as he is now going to go in to his second dark phase and if your not close to the middle you have a higher chance of dying here. So as before leap to him and dps him down. I got hit by a purple orb and as you can see it did a lot of damage so just becareful.

He is about to begin his ice attack again so dps them down as before and then move to the boss. At this point in time he may start casting the purple orbs again so dodge them if required. However for me on my run I knew that if i could now get him to 10% health he would now transition into the next phase.

So i just focused on dpsing him down and he started the transition into phase two. It’s at this point in the fight that you will need to use your tome of tranquil mind to switch your talents to sweeping strikes and shock wave if you have not already taken them. So for this part of the fight move to the edge of the platform and let the boss come to you when he spawns. avoid the purple void zone that he spawns from underneath him on the floor as it does a fair bit of damage and it also slows you and just dps him until he casts seed of darkness.

DO NOT interupt this. Instead Use heroic leap to jump away and move as far away from him as possible, as the adds are about to spawn on top of you. Now when the adds spawn, cast shockwave to stun them, then use warbreaker to apply the colosuss smash debuff then use battle cry and blade storm to dps them down. you then just have to repeat the process all over again, but maybe with out bladestorm one the add phase. This is where having the Avatar talent maybe more beneficial for you. Now i did the first set of adds almost perfectly but when the second set of adds spawned I really messed up I cast shock wave but forgot to cast Warbreaker to apply the colossus smash debuff to all targets now this is super important and it really hurt me, as of the two adds made it to the boss and healed him up by 20%, so make sure you dont do what i did.

Now at this point you need to just repeat the process and he should be close to dying after the next add phase, i however was annyonyed and thought i had failed so i popped my drums and just focused on dpsing him down as much as i could before the next set of adds spawned. You will need to decide when is the best time for you to use your drums. So the third set of adds spawned i used shockwave, warbreaker and bladestorm correctly this time, and this was enough to get them down. I kept battle cry to use on the boss as i knew if i could get him to 20% health then i would have a chance of killing him due to excute ability comming in to play. So as you can see im now in execute range and im using this whilst maintaing colosuss smash debuff and his health starts to go down pretty fast and luckily for me he dies just as he begins casting the 4th set of adds, if i had done the second add phase correctly then this would have been a much cleaner and more comfortable and quicker kill however i was still pleased I did it on this attempt.

Anyway guys this was my guide on how to do this challenge, if you have managed to do this challenge then congratulations, i hope it went better than my attempt. Now go collect your mage tower challenge skin and thanks for watching please comment, like, share and subscribe and i’ll cya next time..

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