Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is the SUPER QUICK need to know basics of the Atal’Dazar dungeon in BfA. We got four bosses here, and you can fight the first three in any order you like. Rezan’s a big stompy dinosaur downstairs and you can fight him whenever you want by heading down this way. Vol’kaal and Alun’za are on the north and south terraces, and you can get to them through the outer paths here. These paths are blocked until the bosses die and they’re kind of dangerous anyways so don’t bother. When the first three bosses are dead, the way forward unlocks and you can run straight through to fight Yazma and finish the dungeon. When you’re doing trash keep an eye out for Skyscreamers and kick or CC the Terrifying Screech or you’ll all be feared for 6 seconds.

When you see the Reanimated Honor Guards, you gotta kill their totems to stop them from permahealing and the ShieldBearers of Zul do a bulwark of Juju that reduces 90% of damage so pull the other stuff out of that. Rezan’s the big stompy dinosaur. Tanks and healers need to use some stuff for Serrated Teeth. If he Pursues you, run away. Make sure that you get out of his line of sight for Terrifying Visage or else you WILL be feared, and if you step on bones you’ll spawn adds and everyone will know it was you. This is a positioning fight. Vol’kaal is this kinda freaky lookin dude. Kill all of his totems at the start to stop his healing, don’t stand in any kind of goo and kick Noxious Stench. Priestess Alun’za is this very shiny lady, and she’s my favourite fight here. When she’s casting Transfusion, step into a blood puddle right before her cast ends to give her some bad blood.

It used to be mad love, but what’dya do. Yazma is the last boss. If you get Soulrend, run away from her. The Soulspawn add that you’ll burp out is bad news if it reaches the boss so slow, stun and kill it. Don’t touch the spooky spiders, which is easier said than done and maybe use a cooldown to help with Wracking Pain damage if you get it. And that’s the basics. Subscribe and check back for a full Mythic guide once that’s available, thanks for watching and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!.

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