Hey there guys, this is Reckles with WTBGold and today we’re continuing our epic quest for the best material farming spots. In this video we’re looking at Spirit of Harmony farming. Now, a basic Mist of Pandaria crafting item isn’t worth farming right? Stick to current felslate and starlight rose markets. Well of course, you can sell Spritis of Harmony raw on the Auction House, and it’s currently selling for between 100 to 400 gold depending on how big your server is. But they’re also great for flipping because the price fluctuates plus or minus 50% depending on the day. And you can sell 100 a day pretty easily for an extra daily 10-40k.

But, it’s also used to craft a lot. The sapphire cub battle pet from jewelcrafters and royal satchels from tailors are great ways to double your money. Then there’s more expensive stuff like the crafted 522 epics, which are now considered high tier transmog. The Haunted Steel Headguard for instance sells for 15,000 and only costs 8k to make. The real money is in converting trillium into Living Steel with the Alchemy pattern Riddle of Steel and then making the time investment transmog pieces like the lionheart executioner or dragonstrike or sky golem which all sell for at least 45k.

I’ve got a TSM import group in the description for you but now that we aren’t just talking about cheap old world mats, let’s do this guide. Ok, so let’s do the routes. The drop rates for Spirits were better the higher level the enemy was, but Blizzard tweaked the dials on all the OP farms pretty quickly so everything gives you roughly 6-10 Spirits an hour. But here’s what I want you to do. I’m gonna list off a bunch of these. Head out, right now, and spend just 10 to 15 minutes at each one. Let me know let me know in the comments which you personally like best. I wanna know. And everything’s written down in the description if I go too fast. And don’t you just go off memory, things are different now that you can just one shot everything and starfall sucks. The first spot is Northern Barrens. This came out in patch 5.phububub with the Kor’kron invasion. There are two routes.

The first is in the lumber farming area in the Northwest. Run along the edge killing in groups of 5, then move up a level and kill your way back. In the middle of the map there are kor’kron demolishers and each is surrounded by 5-10 guys. Stop and kill each demolisher and skip everything else. Everything here has a 3 minute respawn so you can do laps pretty quickly. I like northern barrens because you can get 20 spirits an hour if you go ham, and I can’t manage to farm out here for 20 minutes without getting at least 3 gahz’rooki pets.

Next, the mogu around guo lai are fantastic and give you both guo lai keys which double your raw gold per hour and shards for the alani mount which is now personal loot, so everyone in the party gets the mount. The trench in dread wastes is great with its new 3 minute respawn but you don’t get a lot of gear and that bugs me [got eem!]. Either kill everything or just skip around and kill the big packs of warriors. You’ll get the same amount. A cool spot I haven’t seen any videos for is the Veiled stair. Inside the cave here, you can knock out 100 motes an hour and the lap is super simple. The Jade Forest also has a lap that I claim ownership of. None of y’all are allowed there, this is my spot! When you do your 15 minute testing, skip this. But yah, it’s the turtles and saurok in Windward Isle out in the Jade Forest.

Run around in this horseshoe shape. Even just single targeting everything on my bear got me 10 spirits an hour and a bunch of leather. Ok, before I show you the best spot, let’s go over the more sneaky methods that you’ve probably forgotten about and that don’t require grinding. The first is songbell seeds at Halfhill Farms. It takes about a week to grow your farm from 4 to 16 plots, but this is basically the garrison of Pandaria. It’s just free gold. Do it. Here’s the math. How many toons do you have over level 90? 3? 5? 10? Multiply that by 20,000. That’s how much gold a month you’re missing out on by not farming spirits here on all your toons. You also get a spirit per day per toon from the Isle of Giants by turning in the daily quest More Giant Dinosaur Bones. But honestly if you’re gonna farm up bones, just sell em raw or sell 10,000 of them at once for someone looking to buy the bone white primal raptor.

And mentioning mounts, the last thing you may have forgotten about is the Zandalari Warbringer and Zandalari Warscout farming. Each zone in Pandaria has one guy riding a triceratops and another patrolling around. They drop bags of loot with tons of materials inside along with a 5% chance of the Jade, Slate, or Amber Primal Direhorn. If you do this though, do it on a gatherer because while I didn’t see any of these rares in my quick filming session, I did get 3000 gold worth of ghost iron ore per lap. And finally, I saved the best for last, because obviously, Google cares how long you watch these videos. But one last thing first, a quick list of the nerfed farms that don’t work anymore that you’ve probably seen videos of if you’re searching around for how to farm Spirits of Harmony.

Slateskin Troublemakers in the vale were removed in patch 5.4. While you can do Pandaria scenarios by talking to Lorewalker Shin, scenarios don’t drop loot any more, it’s just achievement points. The Essences of Despair in the amazing quest chain at Zhu’s watch, only drop greys now. That used to be a 60 spirit per hour farm. The turtles in Valley of the four winds still work but have been nerfed to oblivion. And the stone guardian instaspawn trick only works if you’re on that specific quest, but I think those mobs have been removed altogether. I don’t know. Ok, the best spot, officially, is Heart of Fear 25 man. You get considerably less in 10 man than 25, but it doesn’t matter if you run heroic or normal. Each run takes 3 minutes. Go in, Gather up all the mantid through the first room, leaving that last pack up. Use speed boosts to avoid getting stunned and don’t stand in the gravel looking stuff. In 10 runs, which only took 30 mintues, I got 12 Spirits, 1000 gold in cash, 3000 in transmog greens and 10000 in transmog purples.

If you craft stuff with the spirits, that’s 50k for every hour of farming. And that’s the guide, make sure to go try each out for 15 minutes and let me know your favorite! Next material farming guide will be tuesday at noon. If you liked this guide, make sure to subscribe and farm the hell outta that like button below. And make sure to vote on what you want to see next on this week’s twitter poll. There are 982,000 pandaren toons in World of Warcraft but only 1800 left in the wild. If you want to help donate to the world wildlife fund through their wonderfully named, “help save the WoW” campaign. Have a good one guys..

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