Hi! I’m Hazel, and today I wanna talk about the starter battle pets that I recommend for a pet battle newbie. If you’re looking at leveling your first ever team of battle pets and don’t know which ones to start with, I got you. I’ll start by saying that there’s no one right answer for which pets are the absolute best to start with. Some of them will depend on what you have access to at your character’s level or within your budget on your server’s Auction House.== The two goals we have in mind for our first team are covering as many commonly used damage types as possible, and picking pets that will be useful later. The first thing you’re going to want to do after you level your first team is level more pets. With that in mind, we’re going to favour picks that will come in handy for powerleveling later. Another thing is don’t worry if you for some reason can’t get any of these pets- I’m also going to talk at the end about how to choose the best starter team out of what you have available when your options are limited.

The first member of my Recommended Starter team is the Lifelike Mechanical Frostboar. He’s got your choice of Mechanical or Humanoid damage in the first slot, Beast damage abilties to mop up critters, self-healing wtih Pig-Out and Decoy comes in handy all the time. Beasts and Critters are the most common thing to fight when leveling your first team, so countering both of them on one pet is awesome. He’s a Crafted Engineering pet, so the best place for most players to find one is the Auction House.

If you can’t find or afford one, the Tiny Harvester is a low-level wild pet from Westfall that also has Mechanical and Beast damage. Extra Plating-repair should be a big heal which can be handy while leveling and Overtune should give you enough speed to set up a good Thrash. If you aren’t into either of those first two pets, the De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion is also a good choice with the same damage types. Mr Mech Bunny is another Engineering Pet so he’ll be on the Auction House like Mr. Mech Boar. Having one of the above three pets will help you with my first time powerleveling strategy which involves catching Arcane Eyes below level. In the second spot, I’m recommending the Stormborne Whelp. This is basically a Nexus Whelpling except because he’s a cageable drop off a Legion rare he’s available much earlier. You’ve got Magic or Dragonkin damage to work with along with a massive burst combo with Arcane Storm/Mana Surge. Magic damage in particular is useful for burning through the billion moths and other assorted birdies you’ll come across.

Kill the Stormwing Matriarch in Stormheim for your own, or you can be lazy like me and pick one up off the Auction House. If you can’t find one of those, look for a Sentinel’s Companion for Flying/Magic damage and Ethereal, or a Nether Ray Fry for a good spread of damage types in one pet. All three of these pets are cageable and can be found on the Auction House, usually for somewhat reaonable prices. In the third slot, I’m recommending the Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling.

You’ll need this for quite a few different tamer powerlevel strats when you’re leveling up more pets, so it’s good to get it set up early. It’s also useful on it’s own with Flying or Dragonkin damage, a little Mech damage with the Bomb and the always useful Decoy. This is yet another crafted Engineering Pet so check your Auction House. If you can’t find or afford one of these right away that’s OK, just get one as soon as you can. If you’re skipping the Mech Dragonling for now, I’d grab a nice Crab or Snail. It’ll shore you up against the Elemental pets you’ll run into while having some nice tankiness for reliability. So if you’re looking at WoW right now and you’ve got like four gold and eight pets and you’re just mad now, don’t worry.

From your available pets, look for Mechanical and Beast damage first. After that, look for Magic damage, then look for any avoidance moves such as Lift-off, Dodge, Ethereal, Dive, or Deflection. Don’t forget that as long as you can get to Westfall, you should be able to catch yourself a Tiny Harvester to get started. If you have absolutely no pets at all, the NPC that gave you pet training should sell some. Now that you’ve got your first team, go out and level it! Fight low level wild pets and catch new ones, fight tamers that you come across or you can try to skip ahead by using my Powerlevel from Scratch guide. Once you have your first pet at level 25, you can learn more by buying Max Level pets off the Auction House or getting them as gifts from other players. It’s also pretty quick to catch up more with 2-pet tamer strats or just fighting wild pets like the Dragonbone Hatchlings at Wyrmrest.

Once you’re leveling up more pets, try to cover as many damage types as you can. Lists such as my Top 10 battle pets for Legion are a great place to start because you’re going to get a lot of mileage out of those guys. So, those are my recommendations for your first battle pet team. Let me know what you think, and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!.

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