Hi, I’m hazel a new age well levelling it’s almost here So today I’ve got a brand new video is sponsored by WoW head bringing you a dozen tips to help you Well level at 110 to 120 in battle for our awesome The first thing to consider is going to be here as though an order So there are three zones for your fashion and then an additional three zones for the opposite faction that you’ll level as you go through The war campaign all of them will need to be done eventually if you want to unlock flying one day and get your reps Oh, it’s not that big of a deal what order you go in because you’re gonna want to do it all at some point however There are a couple things to think about if you were coming in to be FA leveling with raid gear and set bonuses and best in slot legendaries then you want to do the tougher zones first while you still have access to all of those bonuses tougher in this case just means More mob density in questing areas and less forgiving scaling for alliance based on what we know from beta that means starting in to roost Far and then going to tear guard sound and then storm some valley blasts well for Horde that means starting in valle dune and then going through Zelda’s are and finishing off in DES mirror on the flipside of That if you’re coming into leveling with no raid gear and no set bonuses and maybe just a catch-up gear you got from dark shore And perhaps you don’t have the best legendaries You just have some legendaries or maybe even only one in that case You want to target those easier zones first and then tackle the harder areas later on once you’ve built up some as the right gear And some heart of Azeroth power that just means flipping the order So for Alliance, that means starting at storm song Then t regard that Druce far and then for hordes starting in as mere moving through as old azar and finishing off and rolled in Again, you’re gonna want to do everything eventually anyways And the difference in difficulty between these zones is not that big of a deal So if one area looks cool to you and you want to start there then start there and don’t let anybody tell you you’re doing It wrong because it’s not that big of a deal number two.

Don’t get held up on problematic quests I’m not gonna point any fingers at specific quests because old bugs can be fixed and I’m sure some new bugs will be uncovered when all of this content goes live But if you’re doing a quest and you are getting frustrated and you’re dying, and you are just not making progress Just walk away. There’s probably something else that you can do The questing is set up in BFA zones to be less linear than it has been in past expansions such as warlords and a lot more hub based so you can just give up and Go somewhere else and probably find something better to do and then come back to it later once maybe you have more gear or you Have more time or you just have more patience And of course the other thing to check out when you’re stuck is going to be the Wow Han page for that quest just look the quest by name a wellhead and then scroll down to the comments and there’s almost certainly some kind soul that figured it out and Then put some really helpful advice on how to do it And if you were struggling and you did figure it out be that kind soul be the hero that we all need and share tip number three If you’re not super attached to your professions consider taking herbalism and ore mining and an as you level and BFA Just pick every node that you see because you get a little hit of experience every time you gather one and for herbalism especially there are a ton of gathering nodes out in culture essence and alar you’ll get extra experience in level faster while you’re already out in the world questing which is Delightfully efficient and especially early in the expansion you can usually sell that stuff for some good gold Tip number four don’t vendor quest reward gear.

Don’t do it. You will regret it You will be sad later and you will cry instead. Hang on to it And then whenever your bags start to feel uncomfortably full just head back to borla’s for alliance or desire lore for Horde Stop by the scrapper popular in scrap it and it will spit out trade mats You can craft with those you can sell those You can sell those for more than you would have entered the gear for don’t vendor your gear There is a scrapper.

You don’t need to have any professions to use it. It’s not an ax blood orange It’s kind of like a literal Forge except that this one is useful Tip 5 pick out the right armor traits that are good for leveling as you level You’re gonna get pieces of azurite armor and the decision as to which traits to pick Can feel like a big deal and I’m here to tell you that it’s not You will get better as r8 armor fairly early on at level 120 So as you get asteroid armor while leveling pick stuffs It’s gonna help you level if you’re out there questing and you’re dying a whole bunch then pick stuff that is going to help you Not die if you’re requesting and can’t kill anything Pick something that’s gonna help you kill stuff if you’re out there leveling and you keep going back and forth between tanking or healing for? Dungeon cues and dpsing for leveling then pick traits that are good for both of those things and not traits that are spec specific You’re gonna replace the stuff at 120 anyways, and even if you don’t you can respect it So pick the traits that are good for leveling number 6 a tip for the PvP inclined or for the Braves If you quest in war mode, you’re gonna get 10% more experience if you really want to take advantage of that and you don’t really want to risk getting into too much world PvP is something that You could do is Do a bunch of quests and get them ready to turn in while not in war mo Go back to storm under Orgrimmar and turn on war mode and then go turn them all in that will add a bunch of travel Time to your life and you’re also gonna be limited by the quest log cap, so don’t feel like you have to do it But if you feel like you want to then go for it I will say if you’re gonna be leveling in war mode and you’re kind of iffy on it Consider turning war mode off before you go off doing the war campaign that sends you out into enemy faction zones You are much more likely to encounter enemy faction players while you’re over there in their stuff Remember that you can toggle war mode on or off any time that you like? But you must be in Stormwind or or guimard to do that you cannot do it in Bora Lasorda’s are ATAR dalaras or LR does our Elora can’t do it.

There has to be in Stormwind or organ number 7 speaking of the war campaign That’s something that I’m personally going to be trying to keep up with a site level The war campaign is kind of our storyline questing campaign at BFA and the early legs It will take place in the enemy faction zones and unlock a whole bunch of stuff including Transport to those zones the world quest later on It’ll give you rep you’re gonna need a den for flying one day It unlocks stuff like war fronts and island expeditions and your mission table and you’re gonna need to do it eventually for a whole ton Of stuff. So personally, I’m going to be doing it while I also get experience from those quests Not everybody is choosing to go that route because of the travel time involved in those quest lines You will probably level faster if you ignore them and then go back and do them later at 120 But you’re gonna have to do it eventually anyway So in my opinion you may as well number eight as you level you’re going to encounter rare mobs and treasure chests everywhere Don’t bother they’re not really worth your time They’re really not worth your time Especially while leveling going out of your way to kill those things can really slow you down it can cause you to unexpectedly die and it can cause you to end up in places that you don’t really know how to get back from and the experience is Terrible on top of that many of those rare mobs will drop gear that scales with you as you level and you don’t really need It as your level and you’re gonna get plenty of gear from quests But at 120 there may very well be a stubborn gear slot that you’re just having the hardest time replacing and you could really use Gear from one of those rare mobs to fill in that slot.

So don’t worry about rare mobs. Don’t worry about treasure chests Come back and get them later. You don’t need to worry about them while you’re leveling number nine in BFA There is an experienced gem right off the bat jewel crafters will be able to craft an insightful rubellite, which grants you 5% Experience this gem is unique equipped So you cannot equip more than one of them within one piece of gear? But on beta the experience bonus was stacking wood socketed into different pieces of gear Each one gives you 5% extra experience so that can add up really quickly I wouldn’t be surprised to see a fix and maybe they’ve already done this where you can only benefit from one of those at a Time but even so it’s worth getting One of those and finding a piece of gear to stick it into and then continuing to wear that piece of gear while you level Even if you could upgrade it to something better just so you can keep getting that extra 5% experience Also, if you have Joe crafting and you like making gold, I would look into it number 10 Don’t forget your guild banner throw down one of these bad boys for an extra 15% mob killing experience with any 100-yard radius For 15 minutes on a 10 minute cool damp in BFA a lot of the questing areas are fairly isolated with a lot of Killing that you can do to work towards request within a hundred yard range so you can probably take advantage of that pretty often also if you’re leveling with other members of your guild you guys can work together to cover a wider range of area with that bonus or stagger them out so that you drop one for One questing area and then once you guys move on they drop the next one They don’t stack but they do benefit all guild members within a hundred yards so you can get creative I recommend dragging it to your bar for easy cooldown management and deployment and if you don’t have one yet Here’s where you buy them.

The Alliance guild vendor is here in Stormwind and The hardy guild vendor is here in Oregon are in order to buy those people need to be at least friendly reputation with your guild And your guild needs to have completed the a daily routine guild achievement which as long as your guilt is not that new probably has already happened tip 11 You will need at least friendly reputation with each of the three leveling zone factions in order to unlock world quests at 120 so prioritize that while you’re leveling if you’re doing every quest you come across in a zone and also getting other experience from places like Dungeons or herbalism or archeology or whatever you very well may not Actually need to do the third zone and if you never touch the reputation from there Then you’re gonna need it at 120.

Anyways in order to unlock world quests So prioritize getting at least friendly reputation with each of the three leveling zone reps So for alliance that storm is wake order of embers and crowd more Admiralty and for horde. That’s the Zandalari Empire Tell Angie’s expedition and the foal denied my last tip which is just something that I found myself wondering about pretty early on while leveling on beta is the location of people rolls between Borla sandstorm wind and A towel to Zora Lars Eller does our alors does our allure and Orgrimmar Here is the borderless portal room If you are in the Tradewinds market you want to go to the fountain and then kind of walk towards the boat Turn a right. It’ll be kind of underneath in this room right here That is the portal room And then on the stern one side your portal is in the mage tower for horde Your portal room is inside the temple, so you’re at the Great Seal You walk right in up to the big orange spinny thing, which I assume is the Great Seal Take a left and you were in the portal room and then from Oregon more you just go to the cleft of Shadows and you Find your portal out of like all of the portals going on there How does the collector shadows have more portals than the mage tower? I’ll never know the BSA faction cities are both big and winding and filled with layers and Rooms and stuff and it does take a little while to find your way around So that’s the first thing that I’d recommend memorizing fresh leveling is going to be so much fun I can’t wait.

And while this is a leveling tips video don’t stress out too much about doing everything as fast as humanly possible We’re gonna be leveling for like a week and we’re gonna be 120 for like two years You have time it’s okay If you if you don’t want to do everything optimally you don’t have to and if you do then have fun There’s no way to enjoy BFA wrong and there is plenty of time. So stay hydrated eat healthy snacks Call your mom and her birthday get in to sleep and have fun. I want to give a big Thank you to WoW head for sponsoring this video you can check out their BFA leveling guides links in the description and Just it’s a great resource for any time that you’re stuck on anything, but questing in particular Thank you so much for watching and I hope that you have a wonderful wonderful day

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