Hey there, guys! This is Reckles with WTBGold and today is a big day! Within the first week of BFA I’ve officially tested every skinnable mob in the new expansion so I can share the best spots with y’all. I do all this work so you guys don’t have to, so you can just play the game. It’s a lot of work though so if you enjoy it, subscribe. Hit the like button.

In fact, you could give this video a thumbs up now, and then we’re multitasking. Ok, so, all of the best spots were pretty consistent. 1400-1800 coarse leather per hour, three to five stacks of blood stained bones, and 300 to 600 tempest hide and calcified bones. So, I’m going to just show the best spot in each zone, so you can just farm the nearest thing to whatever you’re doing in the game. I won’t walk through individual results, but you can pause when those titles come up if you’re looking for specific information.

And also, if y’all have 6 different options, hopefully there won’t be that crazy competition we normally see, where youtubers just kill your favorite spots. We’re going to start off in Zuldazar but before you begin, three things. Make sure you turn off war mode if you’re farming. You can’t skin when you’re dead. Second, get the skinning glove enchant. This reduces your cast time. And third, if you’re farming horde zones, click the shrine of bwonsamdi.

When something dies it explodes for a lot of extra AoE. In Zuldazar we’re farming the Dakani Pugi, Pugi, This is a very basic farm. About 30 gorrillas along a small path. They’re quest mobs so they force spawn, which just means there will always be about 10 up so you don’t have to wait for respawns. I rounded up 5-7 at a time, killed them in 4 central locations, but that’ll depend on your class and gear. Only other thing to know is there are little clickable rocks that give you 10% extra damage. This spot isn’t the best density but with the buff, you can kill things fast enough that it’s still pretty good. Next, we’re heading to Vol’dun to kill Redrock Scavengers. There’s a tiny watering hole with some deer.

Skin them. Skin the hyenas north of the watering hole. West of it. And south of it. That’s it. It’s a nice quick farm where you run around in a circle to 4 different stack points. Worth mentioning that I got fewer calcified bones here, but twice as many blood stained bones. Enemies seem to have blood stained bone drop rates of between 1 bone every 2 skins, and 1 bone every 3. These were every 2 and it’s good density. We’ll wrap up horde farming with Nazmir, and you want to go farm Vicious War Crawgs.

There’s a pit with 10 spawn points and 5 of these crawgs have to be up all the time but they’re all in range, so this spot gets crazy. You are always killing and it’s actually pretty stressful. I wouldn’t recommend going out here unless you have some kind of hard CC, mage, shaman, demon hunter, because these spawn so fast that you’ll just always be in combat otherwise and you won’t actually be able to skin. Imprison was my best friend. Before we go on to alliance zones. I got a lot of questions about actually making gold with skinning. People thought that just because the base leather was cheap the profession was worthless. No, right now skinning is between 50k and 150k per hour. Blood-stained bones have been selling all week at 30-60g each. If you have leatherworking, you can turn your base leather and bones into the 225 leveling wrist pieces and sell those in trade chat for 200g to 300g each. Or, you can scrap them yourself to get 1 expulsom for every 6 greens.

Use this expulsom on 300 gear, which was selling for 100k each initially, but is now down in the 3k to 20k range. These prices are going to continue falling, especially when the raid and Mythic plus comes out, so make this gold while you can. Alright, alliance zones. We’re gonna start off with Stormsong. Despite having a huge number of beasts in the zone, there’s not really any super high desity spots.

Stormsong is just huge. Kill things as you’re out and about questing but don’t specifically farm here. Maybe once server hop gets fixed for we’ll find something, but right now it’s too spread out. Drustvar though has a few amazing spots around fallhaven. Fallhaven pigs are great if you don’t want to move, there’s a really good hexed howlers pull if you’re ever in carver’s harbor, and along the path between arom’s strand and fallhaven, there are some good packs of deer but I don’t understand their spawn yet so I don’t want to recommend them. The best spot though is part of the skinning questline and that’s the invasive quillrats. There’s two farming plots with 10-20 of these, and you just bounce back and forth between them, pulling a few of the wolves in too if you can handle it. Just make sure you’re geared if you’re going to try this, because it’s a lot, especially if you forget to CC the quillrat matriarch.

I’m a 330 vengeance demon hunter, pretty good for week one, and I died a few times out here. It also gives 1 bone for every 2 leather, so the ratio is good. My favorite spot is out in tiragarde sound though. In northern freehold there are 8 Blacktooth Bloodhounds and they have a 30 second respawn timer and a really good calcified bone drop rate. I like this, because I’m multitasking a lot. Hanging out in discord and the battlenet community.

Working on videos or spreadsheets. It’s nice to have a farm with good density but also a little downtime once a minute. Here you can make gold and still joke with your friends or type grats whenever someone gets an achieve. That’s it though, links to the discord are down below. If you like this guide, subscribe. You can click the bell to be notified when my next vid comes out. And make sure to give me a thumbs up for the hundred of thousands of dead animals it took to make this video.

But that’s it, thank you so much for watching. Have a great day. Good luck and happy gold making. .

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