I found something really cool. You ready? You ready? Here. Wait, let’s turn off our UI. See that boss and that rock? Boom! They’re gone! They’re back! They’re gone! They call me David Blaine, Is this your card? Hey there guys! This is Reckles wiith WTBGold and today we’re gonna be talking about star moss. This past week I spent an hour testing each of 10 different star moss farming routes, and these are the best 4 I could find. Before you begin, my recommended setup is a dual-gatherer druid with mining and herbalism. They can pick herbs in travel form and have instant cast mounting. Also, you want to be in tank spec so you don’t get dazed or dismounted by enemies, but if your class doesn’t have a tank spec, you can just use coarse leather barding which is made by leatherworkers. Finally make sure to use the battle for azeroth herbalism glove enchant to speed up your casting.

The first spot we’re gonna look at comes from WoWProfessions and is just a loop around southern vol’dun.. WoW-professions is a great site for new farmers. It usually doesn’t have “the best routes,” but they’re always pretty good, and it’s fast, easy-to-read. This route though, is dope! I spent a good amount of time trying to find a more efficient way through these ruins and I couldn’t. There’s also a lot of little optimizations here. Like, under this bridge there’s a star moss node and a monelite node. Rather than using the stair right here, it says to jump off next to them. Doesn’t seem like a big deal except that there are two zombie men over here that will aggro if you use the stairs, just barely aggro you, and then if the ore is up, you won’t be able to remount after you mine it because you’re gonna be in combat.

The whole route is full of cool little stuff like this. Only thing I have to add is that if your class doesn’t have a tank spec or you don’t have any gear, then avoid the southern part. There’s enough of enemies down there that you can die. In one hour I got 462 total herbs and ore,and 296 star moss. Remember these numbers because this our benchmark for what the best star moss route is. 462. 296. Xibala in zuldazar is the next place we’re headed. It’s the temple in the south west of the main city. There’s a ton of star moss here, and a really good amount of ore too. We’re gonna do a lap around the perimeter avoiding all the mogu we can. At the bottom of the lap. By the ocean, by the sea, there’s a bunch of guys that hit pretty hard with ranged attacks. You can see all the nodes on your farmhud if you just run along the top little ledge, so you can just avoid those guys.

But once you get back to your start, go ahead and join a raid group through the premade group finder and you’ll hop to their realm. All the herbs will respawn and you’ll be able to repeat the lap. In one hour I got 310 star moss and 767 combined ore and herbs. About the same for our focus herb, but 50% more other stuff. Next we’re heading back to voldun, but this time we’re on the north side. You may remember from my riverbud guide I put out recently where I said if the density is in a line, you can run it forwards, server hop, and run it backwards. While that doesn’t work for riverbud, because of all the waterfalls, it works here just fine. Start off over by the alliance base, you know avoid that area if you’re horde, and run to the now nerfed sethrak farm on the east with a little juke through the ruins. It’s really important to have the glove enchant here because you will be in combat with the stone golems.

They attack really slowly though so you’ll be able to gather in between their autoattacks if you have that enchant. In one hour we got 520 star moss and 860 total herbs and ore. The last route we’re going to is anglepoint wharf in northwest tiragarge sound, just west of the riverbud route. There’s stupid amount of star moss here. For horde, you want to run this clockwise. it’s easier to avoid the guards and that’s what the red line is. None of the other hostile enemies other than the mindbenders, brain slugs, and anglepoint guards will actually attack you though, so it’s pretty easy to stay out of combat. On the south end though, you’ll have infinity dude hitting you, so I’d only recommend this route if you’re a decently geared tank pr a super duper geared dps.

If you’re not, then just do the green portion and you’ll stay completely out of combat. In one hour, I got 924 star moss and 1280 total herbs and ore. More than 3 times as much star moss as our benchmark. Now, this is a smallish route, it’s about 5 minutes, so I do recommend server hopping after each lap, but do you have to realm hop? No! Here’s how good this route is. In between each lap, you could get up and walk away from your computer for 10 minutes, and it would still be better than the wowprofessions voldun spot. Of course immediately after this video goes live, you’ll have some competition at any of these farms, but keep this route in mind. This is your new star moss farm. Thanks so much for watching. If you want to support the channel, subscribe, hit the notification bell, so you know when my next video comes out. Of course give the video a thumbs up, and if you have 5 dollars burning a hole in your pocket, you can subscribe to me over on twitch where I stream weekdays 6-8 central.

Thanks so much for watching. I hope y’all have a great day. Good luck and happy goldmaking. .

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