Hey what is up guys? It’s Fiendisha here! So finally today I have got my Unholy Death Knight hidden artifact the Bonereaper’s Hook. There is a few confirmed methods to farm it. There is an Orc that spawns when you use your Army of the Dead or Apocalypse. And when he despawns or die leave a book behind and this is how you can get to the hidden place to find the Artifact appearance. The Apocalypse army spawn was the one that worked for me.

It was a frustrating way to get it but I wanted to share with you guys the way I have farmed it. So all I did was repeating Proving Ground Endless Wave DPS, I saw some people used tanking waves but I did not like it because the reset did not reset the Death Grip cooldown. My method took only 18 to 20 seconds. I have used the Blighted Rune Weapon and the Infected Claws talent. Sometimes it took me 1 Festering Strike to get the 8 Festering Wounds. I used this macro to talk to Trial Master Rotun also I used TAB key set to interact the target I started off with Army of the Dead then Blighted Rune Weapon following with a Festering Strike then when I reached 8 Festering Wounds used my Artifact Ability then reset. Took me about 6 to 8 hours to get it. So here is the story guys! Thanks for watching and see you next time!.

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