Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is how to get the secret Bumbles bee pet from the Let’s Beeeee Friends achievement. I say secret only because this one isn’t spoonfed to you through normal gameplay. It’s still in the journal, the achievement is in the normal window it’s just not immediately clear what you to need to do. And that’s why we’re here! Before we start, in order to get this pet you must have an Alliance character at a minimum of level 110.

Bumbles is currently not cageable so there’s no way around that. Step 1 is to do the entire Mildenhall Meadery side quest chain in Stormsong Valley, up to the ‘Back to the Lab’ quest. If you’re not sure whether or not you did that, copy and paste this questflag script into your chatbox from the description below this video. If it says true, then you’re good. Otherwise, you need to do some more questing. If you’re not sure where to pick back up, check in on Ancel in the basement, Raimond Mildenhall in the hills, Sam Robinson and the Lost Farmhand. Those are all the relevant questgivers. Step 2 is to farm up an Annealed Honey Amulet. This item is confirmed to drop from Flowing Honeys and Bubbling Meads around the meadery itself, as well as from Bumbling Bees on the west coast of Stormsong and up here in the northern mountains.

Farming at the Meadery is good when the world quest is up because people will come through and help you round up mobs. Otherwise, your best bet is probably the bees. You’ll only loot one amulet and it’s not very flashy, so check your bags once in a while in case you already got it and missed it. That was me, I did that. The droprate appears to be around or a little under 1%. Expect to grind for a bit of a while but not forever. If you are farming the flowing honey, watch out for the ground effect they put down. It hurts. Step 3 is to find Rosaline Mildenhall in Boralus. That can be easier said than done.

She’s got a handful of spawn points, but at least she does seem to always be up at one of them. To help track her down, I’m using a target and mark macro that will target her if she’s in range, and then put a big skull marker on her head. You can copy that macro out of the description if you’d like to use it. To narrow down which spawn point she’s at, you can take a flight path over the city and just spam that macro the whole way. The first point is this Shop near Mariner’s Row at 72, 73. Another is Goldman’s Cafe at 55, 62. If she’s not there, stop by this couch at 58, 66. You can’t actually get to her at this spawn point but if you stand right here and spam your macro, you’ll target her if she’s up. If she is, find your Interact with Target Keybind in Keybinds, then Targeting, then Interact with Target. If nothing is bound then set something now. Then, use the macro to target her again and press that interact keybind to talk to her. The fourth and final point is Scribes and Nobles up at 51, 48.

This whole street is a lot safer to get to if you approach it from the south side, coming up from Proudmoore keep. Once you’ve found her, talk to her until she gives you a letter. Step 4 is to return to Ancel Mildenhall, talk to him to give him the letter and complete the Bumbles the Bee quest by grabbing the secret ingredient. Very quick. For Step 5, accept the new Let’s Bee Friends daily quest from him and do that. You’ll need to farm 8 honey slime from the meadery mobs, click the vial in the basement, then target the bee and click the quest item. You’ll get some Storm’s Wake rep and 20ish gold. The final step is to repeat that daily quest another six times over the next week to complete the Let’s Bee Friends achievement! With that done, you’ll have mail from Vashreen who was bizarrely enough the nethershard and pristine argunite vendor from legion. He found a bee for you. I don’t know why he has it but it’s nice that he sent it along.

Congrats on your new pet! Bumbles is a unique color of bee pet, he’s learned at Green quality, his moveset is slightly different from the other bee pets, and he suffers the same animation issue that all bee pets have. Even the hunter pets do this. And that’s Bumbles! Thanks for watching. Let me know what you think, check out my channel for an assortment of WoW videos and livestreams and have a wonderful, wonderful day! Bye! .

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