Hey there, guys! This is Reckles with WTBGold and today, I am taking on another YouTuber. So, I was talking to OldBess and he said a guy put a video out claiming he could farm 120,000 gold per hour. This is absurd. And needs to be put to the test and that’s kind of what I do. I consider myself the police of WoW goldmaking. If someone put out a video, I will fact check it for you guys.

If y’all have any questions, about the legitimacy of any farming spots. Put em in the comments, send em to me, and I will test them for you. So, this guy’s claiming 100,000 gold per hour. Let’s find out. So, here’s the spot. We’re going to be heading down to the southeast corner of Stonetalon Mountains and we’re going to be killing Grimtotem Ruffians and Krom’gar Marauders. They’re in an epic battle! Now, one thing to note, if you’re alliance you can kill everyone in sight, but if you’re horde, I think you can only kill the Krom’gar.

The Grimtotems should be friendly to you. Which sucks. Kinda cuts the farm down by half, but hey, you can still make 60,000 gold per hour right? And that’s pretty good! But let’s find out if that can actually happen. In this area there are 9 spots where these guys are fighting each other. But we’re only going to concern ourselves with like, 6 of them. We’re going to be running back and forth in a straight line. We’re going to start at the south end of this little lap. We’re going to start AoEing our way north without looting. Once we hit the mountain, we’re going to start looting. Go back. People will start to respawn by the time you go back. It’s a really short lap it’s like, 30 seconds or a minute long if you have a really good AoE like Starfall. So, you just go back and forth, and once you go back and forth once or twice, go ahead and switch realms. If you have an addon like Cross Realm Assist, you can go ahead and just always be switching realms and that’ll be great for you.

It’ll keep that mob density super super high. Otherwise you can, if things do start to lag down, you can do the full lap or if you get up and fly, you can go all the way to the west a bit and there’s a big tent and a totem over there with a whole bunch of guys over there. And by the time you kill those guys and loot them and fly back, everything else should be respawned. Let’s see, other things to note: make sure you have Findle’s Loot-a-rang and any Magma Totems that come up, if you don’t single-target kill em, they will prevent you from mounting. So, that sucks. That’s the route. It’s really quick. It’s just back and forth, back and forth, and you’re good to go. So that’s the route, what about results? I noticed something after the first 20 minutes. We were using the addon Loot Appraiser, just like he was.

It’s one of the best addons out there. I highly recommend everyone gets it. It uses a new system called Looted Item Value, which is essentially the replacement for Gold Per Hour. Because you know how everyone hates videos that say “Make 50,000 gold per hour” or “Make a Billion Gold Per Hour,” and you’re like, “But it takes me a month to sell this stuff so it’s not ‘gold per hour.'” Well, Looted Item Value, gold bloggers and gold youtubers are trying to make Looted Item Value the new keyphrase. So, try to ask for that from people who make gold guides, ok? This guy, Alodar though, seemed to be misusing this addon because Moist Cornbread, essentially a grey item, had a market value of 600 gold, which means essentially, that no one’s ever tried to sell it.

There’s one person who has tried to sell it and they sell it for a thousand gold. So what does this mean? What do we do? First of all, I went back through the original guy’s video frame by frame like he asked us to, and saw that his moist cornbread was actually being valued at 25 copper, which is great. So that’s not the problem.

But I didn’t like the potential for having problems like this. So, I changed my source to the Global Sale Average. This is the average price of what things actually sell for on Auction Houses. Not what they’re posted at, but what they sell for. And rather than getting 24,000 gold in the first 20 minutes of farming, the second 20 minutes was more reasonable. It was 8,000 gold worth. Which is still really good. Like if you’re just looking for a good farm, this was really good. One thing I noticed there, was that that source was too low. So, with transmog, using Global Sale Average is good but I actually like using the Global Median and then adjusting the Global Median based on my realm. My realm usually sells things actually right about in the middle, so somewhere between 80% and 120% Global Median is usually pretty good for me so I just went straight with the Global Median. Here’s everything we got. The first row of items is everything that sells for about 10,000 gold or more. The second row is everything that’s about 5,000 gold. The next row is everything that’s over 1,000.

And then we’ve got everything, you know, under a thousand. Blah blah blah. Whatever. So let’s add it up. I’ll start at the bottom, because that’s more suspenseful, for me. So, all the lower tier stuff adds up to 6,113 gold. Everything up to a thousand gold adds up to 4,697 gold. Everything 1,000 gold adds up to 5,455 gold. The 5,000 gold items are worth 24,682 gold. And the 10,000 gold and up items are worth 74,337 gold.So, adding all that up we come out to 115,000 gold per hour…son of a bitch…

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