Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is a quick overview of the bosses in the Cathedral of Eternal Night. Cathedral is a new four-boss dungeon coming in patch 7.2, leading into the upcoming Tomb of Sargeras raid. In order to get access to the Cathedral of Eternal Night, you’ll need to finish the introductory quests bringing you to the Broken Shore. After roughly thirty to sixty minutes of questing, you’ll get a quest called Altar of the Aegis to defeat Mephistroth in the dungeon. Once you’ve gotten to that point, you’re officially attuned for the instance. Agronox is the first boss of Cathedral, and he’s definitely seen better days. Remind me to never let the Burning Legion into my garden. He’ll cast Timber Smash on the tank every now and then, which is a good sized hit. On higher difficulites or Tyrannical week, that’s going to need a minor cooldown. Throughout the fight, sets of Lashers will spawn and fixate on players. Like the Lashers on Botanist, those need to be kited and killed. If they reach their target, they explode for a LOT of damage.

If anything’s going to wipe your group, it’s the lashers. They can be slowed and stunned, so do what you need to do to control them and nuke them down quickly. On Mythic difficulties, he’ll also spawn Nourishing Lashers which heal him. If it wasn’t already obviousa, Adds take dps priority over the boss. Choking Vines will go out, tethering players to a bloom. Run away from the tether to break it and stop taking damage. Finally, throughout the fight Poisonous Spores will stack up on the entire party to deal increasing group-wide damage.

You want to kill Agronox before that overwhelms your healer. In short, nuke adds, run away from bad stuff and chop down the scary tree. Thrashbite the Scornful is the brother of our old friend from Blackrook Hold, Smashspite. You can definitely see the resemblance. He’ll cast Pulverizing Cudgel, which appears as a big brown impact under his feet. Everyone, tanks included, need to get out of that or you’ll get smacked for 4 million damage. Similar to his Bro, he has a Gaze and Charge attack. If you get the Scornful Gaze, you need to hide behind a bookshelf so it takes the Scornful Charge for you. There’s obviously only four bookshelves here so you gotta kill the boss before he goes for a fifth one.

On Mythic, smashing the shelf will summon book adds that need to be dealt with. The tomes can silence, slow and mind control players so that should be fun. Last, Thrashbite likes to Heave Cudgel to send it flying around the outer circle of the room. Just don’t be in the outer ring unless you’re currently hiding from the Gaze, and you’ll be fine. This is a straightforward fight that shouldn’t wipe your group unless somebody’s asleep at the wheel. Domatrax is an add fight where you get to once again use the Aegis of Aggramar. The Aegis will be depleted by taking damage and having players stand in it, so it’s key to protect it for the right moment.

Domatrax will cast Felsoul Cleave, doing a cone of fire damage in front of himself. Tanks need to face him away from both the group and the Aegis so he doesn’t deplete the shield with that. He’ll also sometimes Frenzy, which tanks and healers should stay aware of. At 90% and again at 50% health, he’ll open Fel Portals. You need to kill the Portal Guardians as quickly as you can to stop the demons. On Mythic, if they’re not killed in a specific frame of time you’ll get an Overfiend which is just bad news for everyone. The first portal summons Fel Imps, which will Fel Blast the party. During the fight, Domatrax will occasionally cast Chaotic Energy. That’s the group wipe mechanic, and that’s what you’ve been saving the Aegis for. The whole group needs to stack in the shield for Chaotic Energy, then get out right away when it’s over. If you don’t make it in you’ll die so do pay attention.

At 50% health, he’ll summon more portals with felguards this time, and you get Shivan as well on Mythic difficulties. Kill adds, save the shield for Chaotic Energy and you’ll be fine. Mephistroth is the big bad leader of the Legion’s Broken Shore efforts. This is a two-phase fight that comes right on the tail of Domatrax, so if someone died on the last fight I hope you have a battle res. In Stage 1, he’ll cast Carrion Swarm. Tanks will want to face him away from the group and players will want to be careful to not be in front of him. He’ll cast Demonic Upheaval and Dark Solitude on random players throughout this phase, so your group is going to want to maintain a pretty wide spread. As Mephistroth casts spells, he’ll build energy. At 100% energy, he’ll fall into the shadow phase. The goal of phase 2 is to protect Illidan with the Aegis long enough for him to get Mephistroth back.

Shadows of Mephistroth will appear and fire Shadow Blasts at Illidan, which you’ll want to block with the Aegis. Eating Shadow Blasts will interrupt Illidan and slow down his casting, which drags out the phase. Throughout phase 2, Creeping Shadows will do groupwide damage for your healer to deal with. While you wait for Illidan to do his thing, Dreadwing adds will fly in and need to be killed. On Mythic difficulties, you’ll get Fel Bats too.

Manage adds and Protect Illidan long enough and he’ll bring it back to phase 1. If you’re a lore inclined individual, you can stick around after beating Mephistroth to see some serious RP. So that’s the Cathedral of Eternal Night! This video shows the dungeon on Heroic, but it’ll also be available on Mythic and Mythic Plus Keystone Difficulties. This was a fun, involved instance that lasts just long enough and should be an awesome addition to the Mythic plus circuit.

Thanks for watching! Let me know what you think and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!.

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