Hey guys in today’s video we will be previewing the new ella for normal android plate set that you’ll be able to earn from the new raid in patch and our four colors in the videos so one of the colors you won’t be able to get in one of these difficulties and I’m not quite sure which one it would be but hopeful it’s not the one that you guys like the most what I personally like about the set is the fact that it reminds me of a Dino Mansa theme which was perfectly with the Ray because it is heavily inspired by dinos so it only makes sense that AMA set would reflect upon that and to be completely honest with you guys I don’t have much critique because it looks really good it’s simple in its design and the attachments on the gloves the legs and above the boots are really good I just wish that they added some more attachments to the chest piece since it looks kind of flat in my opinion but what do you guys think let me know in the comments below a lot of these new weapons from the raid looks good and a personal love the blue-collar and even though they’re a bit more flashy is just a right amount of flashy in my opinion and my favorite weapon is by far this two-hand sword which one do you guys prefer the sword the shield on the one hand sword let me know in the comments below a big plus with these new raid armor SAS art that they looked a lot better than what we got in old ear which a lot of people hate it and I think that these new sets are gonna change a lot of opinions because we can’t deny the fact that this is just better than what we had before I think a lot of you that are playing as a paladin will be very happy with these new yellow weapons which will fit perfectly with your pallet and transplant so that’s it for this video guys if you enjoyed it make sure to give it a like and consider subscribing so the channel as well because we have a ton of new content coming up that you don’t want to miss and as always guys remember to stay positive no matter what see you next time

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