Oh, you’re so hot. Am I not the hottest thing you’ve ever seen? You are the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. Wanna take a ride on my lovestache? Oh, yes. Okay, so, we are going to do a dungeon guide today. For Deadmines. If you are walking here, though, what you’re going to want to do is you’ll be going to Eastern Kingdoms from Stormwind just come down into Westfall and then it’s right here.

Then you’re going to, once you come to this cave thingy you will have to find your way actually to the entrance. If you look here you can see how to get there. It’s like a maze. Put your hand on the right wall and follow the right wall. Oh, what a great tip! Put your hand on the wall and follow the right wall. Or follow the homeless. And we’re at the entrance. Yay! We are doing a level 15 dungeon with only three people and two of us are level 10 so this should be quite the challenge. Half of mine aren’t even hitting. I know. Oh how funny. All I see is miss, miss, 84. So we are at the first boss. Glubtok! He goes all crazy and then he puts circles everywhere. And if we stand in the circles we get hurt.

Okay, so don’t stand in the circles, good job. Alright, I’m going in guys! I ain’t afraid of you! If you’re a tank, you always want to face the dudes away from the other guys. Face the boss away from your raid or dungeon members. Alright, then through the doors! Then you have some little goblin trashies here. If you click the monkey ball thing, they fight for you. Wait, do what? You know the monkeys, they have this little ball and chain right next to them.

If you click them they get friendly and they throw stuff at the enemies. Oh no! I wasn’t doing my job! Well, I also wasn’t doing my job. You guys got this? Check them out. Level 10, people! So, people, this is how you don’t heal. And it’s not how you tank, apparently, either. Alright, so we’re at the second boss. Okay, so here’s the boss.

This dude’s gonna have, you see the little, the guy on top of his head? He’s gonna end up jumping on one of the players and trying to suck their face off. You just gotta dps him. And stay away from the bombs when they hit red. Yep. And if you kill enough rats you get an achieve. Oh no! Now it’s on Strange! He wanted multiple face suckings. Check that out! Alright so you don’t have to aggro all of these guys here cuz most of them are yellow. Or you can pleb it out like me and use your shield and aggro them anyway. It’s up to you. (Music) You can ride those things, but if you do, you’ll probably give your healer a heart attack. Cuz they’ll see you dieing and they won’t understand why they can’t heal you. Which is all the more reason to do it, I think. Oh really? Ride the things, ride the things! No, I’m just kidding! Well, unless it’s your healer friend, and then totally do it.

If it’s a stranger from like an LFG (Looking for Group), then I guess don’t do it. But if it’s a healer friend, totally do it. Cuz you want to give your friend heart attacks, but not random strangers. Exactly, exactly. (Singing) Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto. (Singing) Domo. (Singing) domo. So here, you got to use this cannon, to open this door. The big red bubbles, if you stand in them you get a 25% damage increase. Hey, hey. This one is just running, but you got to try not to get bombed off by the, if you come over here you’ll see they’re going to bomb. See this bomb right there? If you were standing there it would have knocked you into the water. And I should probably actually show you how to get back up if you do get knocked into the water. So, let’s pretend I got knocked into the water. Waaaahhhh! There’s also a rare tame in this dungeon. I don’t know if people would be interested in that. Oh, yeah, totally.

It’s a rare skin. Just come back up here. Over on that island over there, there’s a bird. His name’s Old Beaky. Oh wow, I didn’t know that. So, yeah, guys. See? This is why it’s so good to have Strange around. She knows these things. Alright so just run and avoid the bombs. This is what you just told us not to do. It happens every time! Every single time I run Deadmines. Oh my gosh. I did it again! Okay I’m going to try and actually make it through this time.

I did it, I did it! This is Old Beaky, by the way. I brought him up. Good job! Down you go, Old Beaky! Nobody’s a match for Lovestache and his hoes. What, ya’ll don’t like being called hoes? I can be a ho. I’m totally your ho. That’s what I thought, yo. Then this is the last, well this is almost the last boss. This dude has to go down first. He’s going to disappear on you and go into the shadows and you’ll have to find him and kill him. He spawns little vapors. Yeah, just kill the adds. And then there’s the dude again. (Singing) Who do you think you are? (Singing) Collecting your jar of hearts. Your cat is like sleeping in the middle of the battlefield. Wake it up! Wake up. Wake up.

Alright, the other boss is in here. You’ve got to come in here to get him to come out. Then he’s going to get in his pot. I have no idea why he gets in the pot. Cuz he’s a captain! He throws food on the ground. If you click the golden food you get a buff that gives you 30% haste. But if you click the green rotten food, you get a debuff. He’s in a pot because he’s a cook. He drops, the quest for killing him is like you get a cooking mallet, or a rolling pin. He’s Captain Cookie. Nice. So that’s it. That was Deadmines. That was Deadmines. And if you have walked here and need to get back out just jump down here. And go into the cave, go into the cave. Does anybody need to potty first? We can mount here? Oooooh.

Holy crap, though, that was so much easier than Iwanted it to be. We have to make it more of a challenge next time!.

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